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  1. Got call and email go Friday for pee test 133x
  2. I did nothing I’m in the upper 133x made they can only take a certain number a day
  3. It been over 90 day so we will have to go pee first I was going for med and got email the day before telling me not to show last time around hoping to be called for the next class 13xx
  4. 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗that what you hear about the next class
  5. We’re all 8 people there for T/O PE
  6. Did she say when the next class will be
  7. Any one Get sworn in yesterday
  8. Did anyone get a confirmation that they received your package back
  9. Transit pension it based on Allowable service which is service while working for the transit all of the prior service does not count toward your pension If you have vested service you will receive another pension at age 62 for them years That pension will be based on the salary you were earning when you left your present job
  10. 133x no letter yet Happy Holidays to everyone.
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