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  1. I did not realize it was a joke. I will still accept that stop, and those after it.
  2. Then follow the path of the Fulton El to Broadway Junction . Express trains go straight to Atlantic Avenue , then use a viaduct to Broadway Junction
  3. The next stop is Rockaway Park/Beach 116th Street. And then follows the shuttle to Broad Channel, and the A line to 80th Street.
  4. Let’s make a train line, all of us here in this forum. All additional stops are accepted so think wisely. The line is a El. The first stop is Coney Island-Stilwell Avenue,
  5. I want to try something. Why not have the community here make a bus route. It starts at The Hub, (3rd Ave/149th Street) All stops are accepted so be wise.
  6. Okay then, I do admit that this is one of my fantasy routes, and considering the subway can do it faster I guess there will be no demand considering that the subway can do it perfectly. I apologise for thinking about this.
  7. X47 - Woodlawn to Coney Island (NY Aquarium) (Summer Special, all hours, $3.75 fare) X47A - Riverdale to Coney Island (New York Aquarium) (Summer Special, $3.75 fare) X47: via Katonah Avenue, Bainbridge Avenue, Grand Concourse, Major Deegan Expressway, FDR Drive to Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Belt Parkway, Surf Avenue (No stops between 138/Grand Concourse and Stilwell/Surf Avenues) X47A: via Riverdale Avenue/HHP, Broadway (Manhattan), HHP to West Side Highway, Hugh Carey Tunnel, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Belt Parkway, (No stops between 207/Isham Streets and Surf/Stillwell Avenues)
  8. Demand: Me Bus model: My two feet Stops
  9. X45-My kitchen to my bed X45A- My bed to the bathroom Do not ask any questions about how it will fit.
  10. This is an empty post to replace the tomfoolery I wrote.
  11. I like the route, however I do not like the route number.
  12. Bx20A - Inwood-207th Street to Montefiore Hospital Via Broadway, Kappock/HHP, 242rd Street, Van Cortlandt Park South, Mosholu Parkway, Bainbridge Avenue Follows normal Bx20 route to 242nd Street/Riverdale Avenue. Turns to Broadway then to Van Cortlandt Park South, to Sedgwick Avenue, Then follows Bx10 to Norwood-205th Street .
  13. Flow of direction QBx6: Follows the new Bx35 (Check Bronx Bus Plan) to 181/Wadsworth. Then it turns on Broadway following the M100, then the Bx15 on 125th Street (future M125), then the M60 in Queens. Bx35A: QBx6 to Washington Heights @Jova42R Thoughts?
  14. BxM5: Okay BxM12: Okay BxM14: Why not just extend BxM8 to City Island permanently
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