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  1. Restrict the Bx23 to just rush hours and extend the Q50 LTD to Co-Op City for all other hours.
  2. Should we have a supplemental shorter version of the Bx19 from West Farms Road to Riverbank Park and have the Bx19 from West Farms Road to Gun Hill Road via Webster Avenue, just for the rush hours.(out of rush hours the Bx19 can be normal) Because during peak morning rush hours, N/B Bx19 buses are quite meager compared to S/B buses and that can make me late for school. So, to the other Bx19 commuters should the MTA do this. And if we support it I will show a bus proposal.
  3. This could be a multi-branched service if you think about it.
  4. That seems like a good idea, we could also send it to Inwood or Riverdale (via Inwood) Heck, maybe even propose it to the MTA if you so desire.
  5. I apologize for my ignorance. Allow ridership patterns, demographics, and geography be part of it too.
  6. Commuters of the five boroughs, Westchester and Nassau Counties. Some bus routes are necessary, others are despised, some not necessary. Give me the bus route you want to eliminate and why? My bus route is the Bx18 for shortness. Extend it or merge it.
  7. That is just a BxMX route. Sorry if I was rude.
  8. This would give Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil, and Inwood residents access to Midtown and Lower Manhattan, consoling the MTA wants to streamline the BxM1 through the Major Deegan in both directions, and the BxM2 through the Henry Hudson without stopping in Inwood.
  9. The Bx18 has been in danger multiple times so here is my plan to eliminate the Bx18 The new Parkchester-177th Street to 170th Street/Grand Concourse via 180th Street, Burnside Avenue, Undercliff/Shakespeare Avenues, and 170th Street Major Stops include: Parkchester-177 Street Station (Terminus) (Bx4/A, Bx11, Bx39, Bx42, BxM6) 180/3rd Ave (Bx15) Burnside/Jerome Avenues (Bx32, ) Riverbank Towers (Bx42, Metro-North) 170/Jerome Ave 170/Grand Concourse Riverbank Towers to Throgs Neck (a semi-loop between the stops in Throgs Neck and the stops in Throgs Neck and adding distant in between the and stops in the Throgs Neck)
  10. The BxM5 is just a mimic of the BxM1 but to Woodlawn (according to the plan)
  11. Express Section 1- Dobbs Ferry to Yonkers via US-9 Express Section 2- Isham/207th Street to West 79th Street Express Section 3- Herald Square to Canal Street
  12. I have a bus route X100 from Tarrytown to Wall Street (South Ferry during peak rush hours) It spans the whole of Broadway. It starts at the Metro-North station continues with many stops all the way to Isham/207th Streets where it goes on the Henry Hudson Parkway to West 79th Street where it makes many stops on Broadway terminating at the Canal Street station. Major stops: Tarrytown Metro-North Station (Terminus) Yonkers Metro-North/Amtrak Station Broadway-242nd Street Isham/207th Streets West 79th Street 42nd Street (1/2/3/7/A/C/E/N/Q/R/W/Shuttle to Grand Central opens 2022) Canal Street (6/J/N/Q/R/W) Wall/Broad Streets (4/5) (J & Z at Broad Street) (During peak rush hours) Whitehall Street (1/R/W) (4&5 at Bowling Green) Somebody else can make the Bee-Line equivalent.
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