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  1. What if the MTA goes broke and the Feds can’t lift it back to life, How to you go about with the subway. What lines do we cutback? What lines to we discontinue? What do we do with the elevated lines that could be discontinued?
  2. But do any of the stations east of Myrtle/Broadway , have historical protections.
  3. I have a idea. How do we reduce traffic (people waiting for trains) on the . As you might know. The is a very high demand subway line. With connections to the and future , It is, for one very important, and two very busy. I have a idea, how Do we reduce the number of people waiting for trains
  4. MTA be like, Good Question, here more crappy announcements
  5. I wonder, how does the multiple door control work.
  6. I have an idea for many bus routes. The MTA should bring back the culture loop routes again so that tourist starting at JFK or LGA can explore the city.
  7. I have some proposals. Extending the to Co-Op City. (Not new) Extending the Frankilin Avenue to connect with the (Not new) Cutting the to Whitehall Street, replacing Bay Ridge service with the (Not new) A Fordham Road - 207th Street streetcar from Co-Op City to 207th Street , to reduce bus traffic.
  8. - 59th Street - Atlantic Avenue . Use Shuttle Buses between 59th Street and 167th Street , for service on Grand Concourse, use Bx1, and Bx2. For service to Brighton Beach use shuttle buses - 59th Street - Lefferts Boulevard, for service to 168th Street, use shuttle buses - 59th Street - Coney Island for service to the Bronx, use shuttle buses, for service along Grand Concourse use Bx1, Bx2, and Bx10 - operates normally - Jamaica-179th Street - Bergen Street. For services to Coney Island, use shuttle buses. - Court Square - Bergen Street, for services to Church Avenue, use shuttle buses - Rockaway Park Shuttle - Rockaway Park - Euclid Avenue - 95th Street to Myrtle Avenue - normal service -57th Street-7th Avenue - Coney Island for service to Astoria, use shuttle buses. - 96th Street - Atlantic Avenue , for service to Coney Island use shuttle buses. For service to Dekalb Avenue, use . - Forest Hills - Whitehall Street, free MetroCard transfer to Broad Street - inoperable - inoperable
  9. operates between 116th Street and South Ferry with an extended Bx7 to cover the area between 116th and 242nd. -operates between 72nd Street and Atlantic Avenue, just for safety. - inoperable -86th Street-Atlantic Avenue (Shuttle Bus from 86th Street to Woodlawn and adding frequency to the Bx32) - Dyre Avenue-3rd Avenue-149th Street - Pelham Bay Park to Hunts Point Avenue, (Transfer to the Bx19 the to the shuttle bus) - Queensboro Plaza to Hudson Yards. Queensboro Plaza and Flushing Shuttle Bus. - 59th Street-Mott Avenue I will finish tomorrow, as it is my bedtime.
  10. I have many questions. How good is this current system? How can it be better? Is it okay to “maximize” all subway routes?
  11. What if a toddler controls the MTA for one day? And the people in charge just go through with it. (Be creative in your reply’s)
  12. This is a fantasy thread where all of our subway fantasy thoughts can be shared. One rule, no criticism of any kind.
  13. Okay, let’s just abandon this thread, because I messed up.
  14. This for if the MTA reaches financial levels worse than between 2008-2010,
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