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  1. Where do I go to apply for the path train exam
  2. Good morning guys congratulations. I just had my signals and definitions overview this past Saturday it was intriguing. I know there's a lot of stuff To study and remember any Pointers you can give me that you used to prepare for the test. My test is November 16th. Thanks guys
  3. I've been in the transportation business for 26 years never late. Thank you for the inside info. Two more questions is it an all day event does it last till 3 o'clock? And dress code I know no sneakers. For the open house I went with a pair of doctor pants with a nice polo shirt. Business casual good? I know some people showed up with jeans and it was not appealing not to Lucille Or the instructor. This is something I've always wanted and I believe if you put your mind to it something that you always wanted to do you will succeed.
  4. Thanks I'm never late for anything I'm always at least 45 minutes early .
  5. Hey all my S&D overview is this saturday. 8am to 3pm. Is there anything I should know
  6. One question at the SND. They just give you information to study for 5 weeks there is no test on that date is there. I don't like surprises. I like to be prepared.
  7. Hello I'm going to the SND Overview and October 12, 2019 for the people that went through this already how large is this manual we have the study for 5 weeks. Is it an all day event between 8 and 3 Is it an all day event. I'm so excited I got the email back on the 19th I'm looking forward to the next stage then the test November 16th and hopefully I pass and go into phase one. Everyone forum who has gone the whole way. Says discipline study make an effort and you will make it.
  8. I even emailed Lucille Marino on Sept 5th and she said I passed and to wait for her to get the date for the S and D.
  9. So I imagine you passed. They interviewed me but did not tell me whether I passed or failed. I waited 5 weeks about 5 weeks for you to get the next stage.
  10. July 29th was my open house LOCOMOTIVE Engineer overview and vocabulary and cognitive test.
  11. I'm just happy I got my email today for the next step S and D overview scheduled for oct 12th 8 to 3. Is this an all day event. Can you let me know what to expect.
  12. Hi guys good luck in phase 1. Congrats to passing the S and D exam. I'm waiting on the date for the next S and D overview. Should be in October as per Lucille. Is they anything I can start studying to better prepare for this exam. I want this so bad. Thanks everyone and good luck. Stick together study together pass together. Team work will get you through.
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