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  1. You can always transfer to the B division after a year I think lol
  2. Yeah that happened to you because my class (July) majority of my classmates chose the B division (better division) and about two people were forced to go to the A. They only had about 20 students out of 70 go to the A division. The rest of of us are B. I’m sure next class everyone will be able to choose again
  3. Hey fellow conductors that past school car this year and are out on the road, did you guys get your uniforms yet? I know there was a change in vendors and everything is behind. I’m going to be rapping up posting soon and still haven’t gotten uniforms yet lol I’m kind of tired of wearing this safety vest everyday and was hoping I’d have regular uniform by the time I get out on the road LOL
  4. I’m about to begin posting this week. I hear it’s really fun. For the conductors that are already past school car, what was it like being out there with a veteran conductor shadowing you as you make station stops? Also after school car, did you guys get to pick your preferred lines/terminals?did they place you based on where you live? Or do they really just send you anywhere to work? LOL thanks in advanced
  5. Congrats to those starting on the 13th! Just a heads up, Transit doesn’t like backpacks with straps for safety reasons. If you can, get a backpack that can be converted into a duffle bag. that would be perfect. A lot of Conductors and Train operators use Kaka backpacks or witzman and Hynes travel backpacks since they can easily be converted into duffle bags. You’re not allowed to wear anything with straps while crossing tracks etc. also they’re going to give you books and equipment that you will have to carry with you everyday (mandatory). Your bag will feel like it’s 30-40 pounds! Imagine that and walking around the train yard in 90 degrees weather LOL
  6. Hey man, don’t be discouraged. I got placed on medical hold for something so minuscule. I immediately went to my doctor and got cleared the next day which was a Wednesday Once I got the clearance, I emailed them and they got back to me the following day and had me come in that Monday and clear me just in time for the 7/26 class If I were you, go to your doctor’s office, get a copy and then email them immediately. Don’t wait for the whole mailing thing. Olha will get back to you via phone call and have you come back in ASAP
  7. Today in school car we are walking the tunnels and will let a train bypass us lol for those that are waiting to be called and or start for conductor , I just want to say this. Take everything you think you know about transit/being a conductor and crumble it throw it away lol I’ve been in school car a few weeks and what an experience this has been LOL just a heads up depending on the division you choose, you will be doing classes at each train yard all over the 5 boroughs. you’re going to be going learn how to cross the tracks and third rail properly, climb up on the R68 train (it’s the hardest one to climb, so you if can’t do it, you can’t continue. Google R68 train to get an idea) you’re not only going to walk on the catwalk on the elevated tracks but also cross it and let a train bypass you which was by far the most terrifyingly fun experience ever lol if you’re scared of heights, don’t look down and when a train bypass you, make sure you stand up straight and don’t lean forward for obvious safety reasons lol also one more thing, at the beginning, once you split into classes, everything is going to seem too much/anxiety inducing and or confusing at first but trust me, it gets so much easier once you’re in the train yards and on each actual train learning! It’s not hard at all, especially if you study and read what they tell you. My favorite parts so far has been the road operations which we got to practice on an R179 new tech train on an actual train line. We went down the A/C line from Dyckman Street to Euclide Avenue and back, practicing opening doors and making manual announcements at each stop. (No customers on, wait to you see their angry faces) Good luck!! This will be fun for most!!
  8. Out of curiosity, is it under DOSIC? Which tab is it under? Because I don’t see it lol
  9. For those that been through school car, what’s your schedule like now that you’re on the road? Is it all over the place?
  10. I have a question. My ID metro card pass has a U on it. However I see fellow coworkers in my class have M or L on theirs. What does it stand for? M for Metro North, L for Long Island Railroad? I know we get to choose either one as a benefit to ride for free when we fill out our pre employment paperwork. I chose Long Island Railroad. Or am I completely wrong about all of this? LOL
  11. Well you have time. Today in school car, a TSS told us the next class will be in September since they don’t like to overlap classes. Get it done ASAP and try reaching out to Olha
  12. I have a question, is school car/training Monday through Friday?
  13. Yup I did! Probably a morning and evening class? I know there’s a lot of conductors coming in. I can be wrong

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