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  1. Hello everyone, hope all is well. I am a recent college graduate who got a BS in physics, and is currently looking for a career to settle into. I am highly interested in working for the MTA because of the dynamics of the city and transit system, and also giving back to the community, I also wanted know a few things: Is my degree applicable to any jobs the MTA offers? For their exams, is there any good books and materials to study? Do you have to reside in New York City throughout your career? Any input and advice is helpful, I thank you for your time, and little fun fact, the Subway system in it of it self contains some of the disciplines of physics, Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Optics. Mechanics dealing with the motion, torques and the forces on a body moving through a medium. Electromagnetism, the third rail supplying power to the train. And my favorite Optics , if you ever stood in the front or back of the train and looked out the driver's door you might notice the lights in the tunnel look spread out like in the image below, this is the consequence of light passing through a diffraction grating, or a screen with many slits proving that light has wave characteristics. Thanks again!
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