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  1. Earlier today the made a test run on an R179 , which I happened to stumble upon at Broadway Junction. Seems the R179s are going to be in passenger service soon? Or are they going to make a 30-day test run like in 2017?
  2. Part Suspended While NYPD inspects the train that was involved in tonight's earlier incident at Fulton St, southbound trains are ending at Rector St. For service to/from South Ferry, consider taking the train to Whitehall St or the M55 bus. Posted: 12/11/19 10:24 PM This was as a result of a young boy who was separated from his mother, and was struck by an incoming train, and later pronounced deceased.
  3. Next scenario: A switch malfunction east of Broadway-Lafayette St prevents from switching to/from the Chrystie Street Connection. Additionally, a passenger falls onto the tracks at 47-50th Sts-Rockefeller Center and gets struck by an incoming express train, prompting the closure of the station. Lastly, a fire breaks out at Fulton Center, which spreads and damages the platform. NYPD and FDNY orders power to be shut down on all of the station complex.
  4. Multiple Impacts There are delays and multiple impacts to train service while we get emergency medical assistance for someone who was struck by a train at Fulton St. trains are running on the line between Nevins St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. trains that were already in Manhattan at the time of the incident will either run on the line to South Ferry, where they will end, or will end at Times Sq-42 St or 96 St. Northbound trains in Brooklyn will end at Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr or run on the line to E 180 St. Southbound trains in Manhattan will either run on the line to South Ferry, where they will end, or will end at Times Sq-42 St or 96 St. All train departures from New Lots Av are cancelled until further notice. trains are running with delays while trains run on the Lexington Av line. There is no service at Fulton St. Posted: 12/11/19 5:55 PM
  5. IIRC, there was planned work somewhere between Broadway Junction and Myrtle Avenue. I'm assuming the G.O. occurred between those two stations.
  6. Multiple Impacts There are delays and multiple impacts to , , and train service while we work with FDNY to help someone who was struck by a train at Brook Av. There is no Bronx-bound , and train service north of 86 St. trains are running between Wakefield-241 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse in both directions. trains are running between Woodlawn and 149 St-Grand Concourse in both directions. trains are running between Eastchester-Dyre Av and E 180 St in both directions. trains are running between Pelham Bay Park and Hunts Point Av in both directions. Posted: 11/27/19 9:28 PM Is it just me or are the incidents of passengers being struck by a train getting more common?
  7. Multiple Impacts There are multiple impacts and delays in train service while we request police and EMS assistance for someone who was struck by a train at Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av/JFK Airport. There is no train service between Briarwood and Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer in both directions. Some northbound trains are stopping along the line from Briarwood to Jamaica-179 St. Some northbound trains are ending at Queens Plaza and Forest Hills-71 Av. Posted: 11/27/19 5:18 PM
  8. Seems the and the are bypassing the station in both direction because of it.
  9. I've also noticed that on the Broadway line as well several days ago. I was at a Queens-bound which was arriving at 34 Street-Herald Square. A Queens-bound had already arrived at the station at the local platform. Around a couple seconds later, the PA on the stated the will leave first (funny thing is, I left the thinking the would leave first since the trend I've been noticing is that the train that enters a station first leaves the station first before a merge).
  10. Anyone here know the reason Nostrand Avenue station was built in 2 levels instead of having 2 platforms/4 tracks on one level like the majority of the express stations?
  11. Pretty sure this "RT" really is someone from the MTA's social media team. In another news: Local to Express Southbound and Church Av-bound trains are running express from Smith-9 Sts to Church Av while get EMS and NYPD assistance for an MTA employee who was assaulted at 7 Av. For service to/from bypassed stations, use northbound or Court Sq-bound train service. Posted: 11/20/19 7:09 PM I feel like there's been an uptick in incidents regarding MTA employees being assaulted.
  12. Pictures and videos of Atlantic Av-Barclays Center on the platform as a result of the delays on Twitter. Like wow.
  13. Multiple Impacts There are service changes and multiple impacts in , , and train service because of a signal malfunction at Prospect Park. There is no and train service south of Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr in both directions. Northbound trains are stopping along the line from Coney Island-Stillwell Av to Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr. Northbound trains are ending at Kings Hwy. Some southbound and trains are ending at Canal St. Expect delays in both directions. Posted: 11/13/19 4:40 PM While it's not listed here, according to SubwayTime, there are some northbound running on the line, and strangely enough, some southbound are terminating at Brighton Beach via the West End.
  14. I never knew the side LEDs can display "WELCOME ABOARD NYC"
  15. So according to SubwayTime, a 71 Av-bound is running on the line along 8th Av currently at 42 St - PABT. Was it related to the problem mentioned on this Twitter post?
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