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  1. Hey slems my list 21xx. Complete medical lastweek and going to zerega training this sunday.
  2. I got phone call and email too looks like drug test
  3. Hello everyone pre employment last page for “all agency outside activity approval request” I don’t want to other work if i work mta, still do i need to fill out?
  4. Hi moody thank you for answering but i confuse You provide email sending to (employeescentervuses@nyct.com) but i got pre-employment email from other Email address. however send back To (employeescentervuses@nyct.com) here? also when i see second page for drug and alcohol, they asking pass number? I know my exam number and list number but what’s the pass number? Thank you..
  5. Hello everyone i got the call today for pre employment. list number 21xx When we send back pre-employment, someone knows email address?
  6. Hello I was graduated high school in other country When i see CPD-B . About education section say if you foreign education then need dp-404 form. But exam 7612 say no education experience.. so when i make CPD-B then just skip or need dp-404 form?
  7. Hello.. When i do pre-employment time then They ask or proof .. about high school diploma Or ged certificate? For b/o exam 7612
  8. hello.. exam # 7612 / my list number is 21xx... how long do we wait? just est...
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