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  1. I don’t think that’s the case. My list #9** was by passed by lists #’s upto The 1100’s. And due to COVID they’re only allowing a limited space.
  2. You know it is official to be in the next class if you continue on to the next step which is fingerprint and photo after your medical. Otherwise, you will be told to wait for an email to come back for fingerprints. i saw it happened to the guy in front of me and was asked to come back while they were processing my papers to be set for the next class 09/13.
  3. Yes, I had to squat down, touch my toes without bending my knees and look back by turning halfway to the right and left., vision, hearing & ekg, passed. Pay attention to the nearest and farthest objects in vision test.
  4. Super excited now. Passed my medical today and I report to Zarega on 09/13. Good luck to everyone!
  5. I finally go for medical / fingerprints this Thursday, and start date: 8/30 as well. Good luck to all.
  6. Hi, did my drug test last Thu. Still waiting on medical.
  7. Hi, my #9** and I should be called for medical this week. I know someone in the #1100’s that’s all scheduled to start on the 30th.
  8. Hi, I am scheduled for a drug test tomorrow at 9:45am and I also have my cdl license.
  9. Hi, I received my preemployment email, for exam #9100. Application must be resubmitted by July 15, 2020
  10. I apologize for this post. I was only trying to help others. How do I have it removed?
  11. Hi, any news on any upcoming training?
  12. (Red Hook on the Road) Hello Everyone, This is @Myrv from Red Hook on the Road. Due to this challenging times as we all confront this pandemic together, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe by practicing social distancing and doing your best to stay indoors. To all our Alumni's who are currently essential workers we want to thank you for your service during this crisis. We truly appreciate you all. (sentence removed) (removed) Stay Safe and Thank You.
  13. Hope everyone is well, staying safe and healthy during this difficult times. Please take care and May God Bless you and your families. Be safe !
  14. No. Still waiting for medical call.,
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