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  1. Here is a table I made for all line lengths and station totals. This includes data that was previously given earlier in the post. I also added a column that multiplies the line length and station totals to combine the two variables and see how the lines compare. I also added a rank column that ranks all lines by this measure. Disclaimer: the line length and station count is based on the longest possible size which includes weekend and night service.
  2. When are they doing Broadway? I hope they add OMNY at 23rd St where my college is.
  3. They are working. I do think it is still WIP for this station though because the OMNY readers exiting the say Coming Soon while the readers entering the station are fully active. I think within the next few days both sides will be fully active.
  4. I'm not walking 9 blocks just to pay for the train with my phone.
  5. Yes! I can finally commute from Staten Island to class. But still no readers at 23rd St so I guess this will only be useful one way.
  6. I want my R44s dumped in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean and replaced with R211s already.
  7. Oh yeah I remember they were talking about that as one of the alternatives. I still don’t get why they couldn’t use heavy rail though when the tracks are already there.
  8. How much you want to bet they chose the least expensive option even if it’s the least effective just so they don’t have to spend more money to place any new rail?
  9. No because they have like 6 different routes along with four different modes of transit for each. They need time to choose the best one. We’re all getting our hopes up though. Staten Island never gets and never will get funding for any new transit infrastructure projects. They will do endless studies just to give people hope.
  10. On the timeline they said they will finalize their decision in February.
  11. How about the entire line segment from 63rd St to 125th St.
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