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  1. @J Cooper CONGRATS MAN! I wonder if I saw you today I passed my medical but I was missing a paper for final processing will be going back tomorrow hopefully I'll be joining you and everyone else on the 6th
  2. Anyone know where they're up in list #? I could've been working a while ago if it wasnt for being placed on medical hold. Cleared that back in September then got called again in October for a drug test again since my last one expired and havent heard anything since.
  3. Went today for Pre-employment again. I was told I didnt have to do the medical again since I was cleared last month only the drug test since that was back in June. Hopefully this will be it and I could make that October 28th class. There were a lot of people sent home today because of pending tickets so dont forget to clear any tickets ASAP before they call you. Best of luck to all of you.
  4. Anybody know when they will be having another class. I was being considered for the August 19th class, however, due to being on medical hold I missed that opportunity. I was finally qualified this past Monday but they told me unfortunately they're are no more vacancies at the moment and that I had to be reestablished on the list, which I did. Also if I get called back does anyone know if I have go through the PE process all over again?
  5. Anyone know when the next class starts? I know they had 1 on August 19th but unfortunately I missed that one due to being put on medical hold. I'm heading down to 180 Livingston tomorrow to finally clear that up but I was just curious as to when the next class starts.
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