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  1. As seen with the Train shutdown, it seems that piecemeal fixes and half baked attempts at 'state of the art' projects is the most NYC can expect for in terms of transportation investment. All unilaterally decided by the governor, it seems as though he would rather choose the easier route and claim he got the project done rather than opt for one that would benefit more people in the long run but take longer to approve and build.
  2. Wasn't the cut back to 86th Street back when they reconstructed Stillwell Av in the 2000's? Must be frustrating for recurring Sea Beach riders to have to deal with this again albeit for a different issue this time.
  3. Hi, I'm new and I hope this is the right place for this. I regularly use the CPW Local and was disappointed how the MTA handled delays in Train service. According to their website, Manhattan bound trains were held at Avenue M for a bit so clearly they were late once they reached Manhattan. The MTA had all uptown (B)'s run express around 3:30 amd this was quite frustrating to witness because that only left the on it's 9 minute interval. This was very frustrating because I witnessed two trains, an and a pass me by at 72nd Street. I apologize for the rant but I just don't understand why the MTA couldn't send an or local as none of them were affected by the delay. This could be a different story on the weekend but this was at the start of rush hour. Tl;dr: Trains were severely delayed in Brooklyn so they all went express on CPW leaving the by itself at the start of rush hour.
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