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  1. Hi, so I called them this morning and they said that my name is off the list, and that I have three restorations for this exam. They couldn't really explain why I was called three times since October, so I believe the phone call to come down this week must be a mistake or like you said, "trying to give people a chance to come before they have to restore their name, since you get such short notice usually". Anyone else experience this before? Thanks
  2. Interesting that they didn't extend the list since the other exams aren't published, it should be up next month then. I took this as well, I haven't checked my scores yet. I think the starting pay has to increase, it's a very dangerous job.
  3. Hi Young, I went to the website you mentioned to check how many times my name has been defered, for the// request date it says "09/18/2019" // cert date "09/23/2019" cert expiration date "10/25/2019", so based on this information how many times have I defered my name? I ask because, if you recall my post a few days ago about receiving a phone call from 347 643 8223 transit, to come in for pre employment later this week, I don't understand why they would call me in again, since I didn't request to reinstate my name on this list. so far I was called in Oct 18, Nov 6, and now this week in Dec. Do you think if I don't show up for pre employment this week, it would be my third and final chance and my name would be permanently removed? Thanks for your help guys
  4. Hello everyone, Just want to know for Pre-employment how far back do they want your employment history, and if you can't remember all of your employment history where would you go to get this information? Can you get this information the same day you request it? Thank You
  5. Hi everyone, I looked up my list number for this exam and I am between 1-30 in the list. I got a call today from 347 643 8223 and I believe his name is John. I was told to come in next week for pre employment. On exam 7612 I deferred for a later time and I haven't reinstated my name back, that was around October this year I forgot to ask for which exam I was reporting for, has anyone else from exam #9604 been called so far? Since my list number is very low for this exam, I am not sure if it's for this exam or 7612 exam where my list number is much higher 17** Thanks
  6. Hi everyone Anyone from experience, what usually happens if you show up for pre employment and have everything except your cdl permit? Is there a way to check how many times a person has defered their name on a civil service list, either Mta or other city agencies? Thank You
  7. Yes that's my list number range. I remember you mentioned that we can defer only two times because on the third defer your name will be permanently removed from the list. If this is correct, do you know if this rule applies to the NYC police officer exam as well ? and if I decide to not report this coming Wednesday 11-6 for pre employment, would this count as my second deferment ? Thank You
  8. Hi everyone, I was called for pre-employment on October 18th, so I mailed in the letter with the check box marked I decline this appointment. Today I got a phone call and an email saying that I am to report on November 6th Wednesday for pre-employment. Why would they call me back so quick and also I didn't even reinstate my name. Has this happened to anybody else or could this be a mistake from their part?
  9. Hi all I forgot to mention on my pre employment letter it states hourly wage as $23.666.. Why doesn't it say $23.84? Who else has this on their pre employ letter? Thanks
  10. Thank You Young for the great information, appreciate it 👍
  11. Hi all, I remember taking this exam and getting the pre employment letter, but I wasn't able to report at the date they gave me so I didn't show up. Anyone know how I can restore my name for this exam or what should I do to start processing? Thank You guys
  12. Hi, Anyone know of a link to a specific whats app group chat or forum for this sanitation exam? My number is 20,xxx so I probably won't get and I scored above 95 Thank You
  13. It's 17XX Are you sure about "decline appointment"? Another person told me that it means to delay/postpone until your ready. This is confusing lol.
  14. Hi everyone I remember taking the latest traffic checker exam like 2 or 3 years ago, and my list number was very low but I never received anything in the mail. I think they passed my list number 6X already, what should I do now? Thank You
  15. Hi, On the pre employment letter on the bottom there is an option that states " ( ) I decline appointment " I am not sure what that means? " Failure to respond will result in your name being removed from the list " Does this mean your name is permanently removed? What do you all recommend is the best way to defer or postpone? Thank You
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