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  1. nothing so far, I hope soon I hope it does not get cancelled
  2. Just want to know if anyone is confirmed for the Feb 28 class? I was also considered for Feb 14 but not anymore, I am waiting for a call or email.
  3. Hi Did they tell you that the class for Feb 28th is 100% ready and scheduled to start? Which day is your medical? thanks
  4. Hey everyone Non essential travel is prohibited starting 6am. I haven't gotten any notification about rescheduling so I will be going using mass transit. Anyone else?
  5. Hi everyone Does anyone know if they reschedule appointments due to severe weather? my medical is Monday morning and it looks like the snow storm starts Sunday evening thanks
  6. Good evening I have to report for medical as well this Monday, I wonder if they will reschedule it because of the coming snow storm Sunday evening? Who else is coming Monday
  7. thanks for sharing your experience as a TO, I hope you can get back in. What have you heard about Tier 7 so far? thanks
  8. yep I took about two hours as well. When you were done with your urine test what else did they say and did they give you a CPD-B booklet to take home and fill out? All I have with me is the document that I took a drug urine test.
  9. Hi everyone I went in this morning for pre employment and drug test, I was wondering if anyone else came in today? If anyone else also took a drug test today or recently did you get any papers to fill out like the CPD-B Booklet or anything else? thanks guys
  10. Hi, I got a call an email about sending in the drivingtitle1.pdf by Fri Jan 15 for exam 7304. anyone else get this notice?
  11. Hi everyone Does anyone know if there is training class coming up this month or Jan ? Who else is waiting for a drug test after submitting all the paper work? Thanks
  12. Hi I submitted all my paper work about 3 weeks ago and have been waiting since, the next step is the drug test I believe. I don't know if they have stopped making new training classes since Oct 25 ? How about you?
  13. Hi I am on hold because when I submitted my pre-employment about a month ago I couldn't continue until I got the cdl permit and resolved a pending ticket. I had a pending moving violation (2 points) that I paid the fee for online a few days ago and now that ticket is closed. This violation happened on Feb 2019. I have my cdl permit, do I still need to include this ticket on my pre-employment? When they run my abstract will it show that my pending ticket was paid for and now it's not pending anymore? I would like to submit proof that I paid my ticket but all I have is the amount I paid and a confirmation number, dmv never sent me an email as it said it would. Thank You
  14. Hi everyone I was notified as well to send paperwork by next Thursday my list is 2* was wondering if they are hiring from three different lists doesn't it mess up seniority? I am in the process to get my permit so I can continue for exam 7612 since I was notified to respond by Sept 4, and now I am being called for this exam 9604. what should I do if I am being called for both exams? thank you guys
  15. Hi, so your saying that if you don't reinstate your name within a year, your name will be removed permanently as well?
  16. Hi, Does anyone know how to request to be reinstated for the conductor position for this exam? and also do you hold on to your seniority if you resigned 2 years ago? thank you
  17. or if someone could link me to the correct post that answers this. thanks
  18. When does this exam expire? Generally when do OA and Mta bus exams expire? thanks
  19. Hi, I remember reading a post about wanting to work in Staten Island, but I think they mentioned something about when applying for a CDL permit you need to get the Intrastate one because some routes go into NJ? Could someone clarify that? and also how difficult is it to transfer to Staten Island if I live in Queens? thank you
  20. Hi everyone I live in Queens and want to know if I could go to a DMV in Nassau County and apply to get a cdl permit? Nassau has a few slots in early October. The DMV website recommends doing business in the county that you live in, just wondering if there would be any problems in a different county like Nassau? thanks
  21. Hi Young, in the pre employ form it asks for listing all pending violations for traffic. If I pay the ticket, then would it be ok to put "None" and "Nothing Pending" in that section? thank you
  22. Jason and Moody, they will eventually call you guys. I was called but my list number is smaller than you guys, I reinstated in Feb 2020.
  23. Hi, are you sure we have to send in those documents? In the form we are filling out it says for driving position submit "driver license, cdl license/permit" or high school diploma if the position requires it and some other documents for veterans, disability, and legacy credits. In the form I don't see that they ask for social card or passport or birth certificate etc... thanks
  24. ok I understand thanks. Do you know which one I would be choosing when I fill out the application for the cdl permit at the dmv? Excepted intrastate or Non- excepted intrastate I also have a pending moving violation ticket where my hearing date is next year, could I wait till the hearing date or would I have to pay it instead? Thanks for your help

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