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  1. Also I'm not sure about this still but 5851 might be at Greenville still as I did remember spotting it back over the summer.
  2. An update on this: now Fairfax Connector is on strike against Transdev. Basically Northern Virginia bus routes are a total mess now. I wish Transdev can be fine like the NJ Transit Monmouth County routes Transdev operates. Northern Virginia is a mess now. https://wtop.com/fairfax-county/2019/12/fairfax-connector-workers-to-strike-starting-thursday/
  3. 5952, 5998, and 6391 may’ve came back into service at one point but I haven’t seen them yet. Also 7109 was retired from fire damage and was on the Wikipedia list for a while now unless that bus returned to service.
  4. Ah i get you. Yeah A&C shouldn’t have dropped the 4 Route in general. Reason why I haven’t been a fan of A&C since I first started going to NJ.
  5. Reasonable. They could’ve got rid of 5759, 5760, 5920-5923 instead but that’ll most likely lead to a shortage of buses.
  6. So in total 5759, 6473, 6474, and 6477 were returned to NJ Transit? They might as well throw in 5760 tbh.
  7. I heard 5700 is totaled and retired after that accident along NJ Turnpike.
  8. Yikes they scrapped 5700? I thought it could be repaired 😬
  9. Yikes they scrapped 5700? I thought it could be repaired 😬
  10. Exactly it looks so bland. If they added some stripes something similar to those Nova buses it would probably not look as bad.
  11. Wish NJ Transit can change the scheme a bit. The livery doesn't really look good on low floor buses in my opinion. Something similar to WMATA's 4th generation livery only looking good on low floor buses. NJ Transit's current livery looks better on high floor buses tbh. At least add a stripe or something.
  12. Yeah I can tell Transdev in NJ are better than down here. WMATAs situation is that the workers are on strike over higher pay, restroom breaks, and working conditions. Since WMATA contracted Cinder Bed garage to Transdev, it just been nothing but a mess. The New Flyer DE40LFAs keep breaking down, employees can't use the bathroom, higher pay, etc. So basically 15/18 routes in Cinder Bed aren't running still with the 3 other routes operating on weekend service. Also Fairfax Connector might go on strike against Transdev too. Basically if that strike happens too, Virginia bus routes will be crippled badly. In my opinion, WMATA should take the rights back from Transdev and operate on its own and add newer buses as these DE40LFAs never experienced frequent breakdowns prior to Cinder Bed. Fairfax Connector should do the same tbh. Here some links of the ongoing problems: https://wamu.org/story/19/11/06/bus-drivers-rally-amid-strike-to-end-privatization-of-metro-jobs/ https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/11/11/tran-n11.html
  13. I’m wondering if Transdev Employees for those routes are experiencing something similar to what’s happening in Northern Virginia with Cinder Bed for WMATA as it’s contracted to Transdev too that’s why.
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