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  1. So basically they got too beat up with mileage and all are just... dead now (early retirement).
  2. On Wikipedia it says the R179s are replacing all remaining R32s by March 2020 can anybody confirm if its true or not? EDIT: Nvm I didn't see the post above me yet.
  3. I think you have to add it on Flickr or another website first. Ik on CPTDB i can add pictures straight on though.
  4. on the 319 and other routes going back and forth let me guess?
  5. Anybody knows where all the buses gonna go back to?
  6. any particular reason why? 7187 is also retired as well but idk how both 7186 and 7187 are retired already
  7. I updated CPTDB NJ Transit XD60s I just need the VIN and License Plate
  8. I just finished updating CPTDB for NJ Transit. Took me few days to finish it.
  9. Also add 7109 as that bus caught fire few years ago
  10. I think we can add 6545 to the scrapped list too as it was recently added to Wikipedia and it shows huge damage although its from 2015 it quite possibly retired. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/07/08/bus-crashes-into-bank-orange/
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