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  1. is Community Transportation from Bergan County? i never heard of it
  2. Per a facebook comment, 9614 was just decommissioned
  3. is Coach USA the one in Paramus or there's another garage for it?
  4. bunch of the retired ones are at the scrap yard along tonnelle ave in jersey city
  5. Forgot to mention this from Wednesday, but while going to American Dream, saw a bunch of the 9500s Neoplans are currently stored at the yard off Tonnele Ave in Jersey City. Also a Neoplan (unknown number) was at the scrap yard along Country Road and was gone when I was on the way home from American Dream. Probably was scrapped.
  6. 5921 still with A&C can confirm. Has an out of service sticker on it with a few other buses. Looks like those buses haven't ran in sometime.
  7. You forgot to add 5871 is at Greenville. Been there for a while
  8. In total, A&C lost 5759, 5760, 5923, 6474, and 6477 in a year span then? Having they already lost 5757 and 5919 due to failed inspections and they might already lost 5920-5922 to NJT as well.
  9. They might as well send 5920-5922 back to NJT then. A&C is already working fine with the 6400s. I have a feeling they are also there too
  10. I think A&C will give 5920-5923 back as well since all they been running are their 6400s as of lately. Haven't actually seen the 5920s since last summer.
  11. Had a feeling that bus was being reassigned. Also I haven't seen 5920-5923 operated for A&C since last year or the start of the pandemic
  12. Wasn't talking about that set since that set is most likely totaled. 6366-6370 only has minor damage from that fire. The guy that was accused of the fire was already arrested as ik. I only just saw a photo of one of the sets in service and was wondering.
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