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  1. Do you know if they are still doing classes for MNRR conductor? I'm waiting on a call for start date.
  2. Has anyone taken the exam for conductor trainee for MNRR?
  3. Did you ever hear back from metro north?
  4. Has anyone here passed the PAT/medical for the Conductor Trainee postion for metro north?
  5. Do you know how long they give before you test for your certification?
  6. Not really, just the recruiter once you have passed the test. I applied in january of 2018 and started process in July 2019.
  7. Only Conductor trainee, I applied 2018 as well. How far are you with that process?
  8. Does anyone know if Metro North can take back a conditional offer?
  9. Took me about 6 months or so before I recived an email for the test

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