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  1. Got back here saturday and even though I waited for maybe 20-30 minutes no train passed along the tracks under the grating, only those beside it. I am now 90% convinced they do not run trains along these tracks so I am no longer going to try to film them. If anyone knows otherwise I'd love to hear it.
  2. Which is most likely to travel the slowest generally: the B, D, N or Q trains? I am thinking especially when passing over the Manhattan Bridge.
  3. I think I recall hearing that the 2 and 3 train weren't operating. But does anyone know exactly which tracks I was seeing?
  4. Hi all. I have a question about the IRT west side line. Was walking down Broadway between 72nd and 66th st stations the other day and came to the center median where there are gratings from which you can see the subway tracks below. I eagerly awaited seeing a train go by underneath me but after maybe 15 minutes heard some and saw some reflected lights from trains on near by tracks reflect off the tracks I could see, but no trains below me. Are these tracks in use? Or did I just not wait long enough? Something else?
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