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  1. I revieved an email also stating i passed the first process of the drug testing and i have to report Tues Nov 18 for the medical and another drug test. Another drug test because in the email i says every 30 days it expires. I also was given that brown envelope with the CPD materials to fill out at the first meeting. In the email it says "Anticipate classes in March". Will report with those forms filled out and the usual id documents tom.
  2. I passed on this opportunity once before and had to have my name reinstated. List number 9**
  3. What was involved in the 2nd part of pre employment?
  4. Just went in also on weds morning 7:30am to start. Alot of people were there. Did my paper work and drug test. Lady said i will be notified between 3 to 90 days via email and phone. Didnt leave till after 2.
  5. Thank you guys for your help so far. I see on the paper work it says that "Verification of a motor vehicle drivers license valid in New York State for at least 3 years prior to appointment". Last page says i must provide evidence. What do they mean by that? A driving abstract from the DMV?
  6. Hi everyone. I received a text, email, and phone call to start the process Jan 29th. I am gathering the paperwork/info required to start this process. I read on here that the MTA is very specific on your work history background. I do not know the exact dates and times and told i can be disqualified if it is inaccurate. I also had a few breaks in work employment also. Some say go to the Social Security Office and obtain a work history record for a fee. Does the social security office give you a statement of your work history that day or do i have wait days to get it? I am trying to get it before the processing date if that is possible. I see on the paper work i received that a drug and alcohol test will be given. I take a pill once a day for high blood pressure. Does anyone know if that will stop me from the process? Is there anything else i should be aware of during this first step preliminary process? Thank you all for your help and time.
  7. Thank you for help with the info you provided. Your a great help.
  8. Hi. I see you said you got your cdl over the summer. Do you have any restrictions on it? My cdl license has 3 restrictions. A3 (med cert exemption), K (no operation outside nys), and E (no manual trans). Mta says no restrictions but was wondering if they told you anything during the hire process about the cdl license. Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone. I got this notice to start the process in june but did not follow through because i got an offer with DSNY (Sanitation mechanic). Few months prior to this. I really dont like the job anymore due to its ethics and practices. I called the number on the hire packet and they said im no longer on the list. I had to go to DCAS in the city to get reinstated. My list number is 9**. They said im getting reinstated and how it will take a week to be put back on. My question is do you guys think they will hire again off the 7612 list again in the near future? Also where would i stand on the list to get an offer again? I see they are up to 1400 on the hire list.
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