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  1. Thanks. I actually made my own flashcards for the definitions on Word first. After finding quizlet I then copied and pasted the Word document to make my own set. The signals I copied from someone else and had to correct a few things while editing my "version". I checked word for word that everything matched. That's where I noticed that some signal images weren't on my packet. I've been writing everything (definitions & indications) 5x each in a notebook. While driving I used to listen to podcasts but now listen to a recording of me reading everything. I have an hour commute each way. Feeling good about this at the beginning of my 2nd week studying.
  2. Are some of the Zone "A" signals no longer used? I noticed while on quizlet that some of the signals others had on there weren't in my study guide. I read on previous pages that definitions sometimes change. That was evident at the overview where the instructor had one thing up on the projector and the study guide had something else for one of the definitions.
  3. As previously mentioned I have my S&D overview next month. Lucille's email says it's from 8am - 3pm at the Hillside Facility. For those who have attended before does it usually last that long? I was thinking of taking my own lunch or are there any nearby spots?
  4. Congratulations. I'm just starting the process myself. I have the S&D overview coming up. Aside from studying the signals and definitions is there something you would recommend someone who is starting to be better informed of? I have a background in transportation and hauling of materials so I adhere to DOT regulations. Are there any train regulations we need to learn?
  5. Sorry to hear about this. I think because this isn't like a civil service process they can choose candidates at their discretion.
  6. Awesome thanks. I'll definitely take the train then. This schedule is the most recent. The schedule I received in the email was effective up to Jan 5 2020 so the times have changed a bit. Either way I plan to show up a minimum of an hour early for everything.
  7. I received my S&D overview email today. It's scheduled for Feb 8 and the test is on March 14. Is it difficult to find parking or would it be recommended to take the train to the Hillside Facility?
  8. Thanks for the excellent timeline BrotherOne. Much appreciated. I know that not everyone's will look the same but it gives a general idea on what to expect. My open house was November 12th.
  9. Just to have an idea, roughly how long have you ladies and gents waited from the open house to the S&D test?
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