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  1. Thanks Young! I’m glad your doing well. I have a neighbor who picks up the free food from a school down the block and likes to send them up to my son. They actually are not bad at all! Definitely staying safe and healthy 😎
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you are are staying safe and healthy 😊 I’m getting a bit frustrated at filling out the CPD booklet since according to my Social Security employment history I’ve had many jobs and can’t remember all these dates so I made mistakes. Question 1. Can I use white out to make my corrections? If not what do I have to do? Question 2. All the additional pages for my employment section should go where? At the end of the booklet or detach the booklet and put them in? Also how do I number them since they are copies of page 13 (the additional pages are page 13)?
  3. Thanks Young, I’m actually doing great minus being in a sling 😎. As always you are a great information source! I will do the e-mail instead, less traveling I prefer especially with this virus going around. Thanks again 👍
  4. Hi everybody, I have a quick question. I just got an email that I can come in tomorrow for my medical but I just had shoulder surgery two weeks ago and I am confined to a sling for a total of six weeks. There was a lady that actually called me a few minutes after I got the email to confirm that I got it and I told her my situation. She said that I would have to reinstate my name with DCAS which is fine but my question is since my appointment for medical is tomorrow how long do I have before I have to go down to DCAS to reinstate my name? Do I have to go right away can I wait a week or so ? I forgot to ask her about that because I was in the middle of something when she called.
  5. 2nd pre employment done today. Now we wait again between 3 - 90 days.......
  6. Thank you, I go tomorrow for my appt.
  7. Ok, thank you. Wanted to make sure before my appointment.
  8. Hi! I just received an email Friday (making it the 89th day from when I went in November) to go in for the pre-employment again. My question for you is, did you fill out the application attached to the email again even though we did this on the first time? And what about that 21 page of documents we received at the end of the process? Did you take that with you too? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi everyone, Quick question regarding the CPD-B Document (21 pages).. If I need more Employment pages then given, do I just make a copy of one of them or do I have to get them from somewhere else? I need about 4 more pages.
  10. I was going to post something similar to what Young posted above about the Notice of Examination. I have 2 restrictions but that will not disqualify me from my job duties for this position. Also the office didn’t mention anything to me about my license.
  11. Hi everyone, I just came across this forum doing some searching online and happy I found it. I did my pre-employment on Friday, Nov 15th along with the drug test. Wasn’t expecting to be called so fast (1 year). I did get my CDL over the summer so that’s a plus. Now just waiting to be called for medical when ch I was told can take 3-90 days. I do have a question for those who know. When doing the 10 day training in Zerega approximately what are the times I’ll be there? Are they 8, 10 or 12 hour training days? TIA
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