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  1. No, I was speaking to a co-worker on Sunday and he said his friend was in that class that day.
  2. Day 7 was lower Manhattan... E.9th Street and 3rd Avenue through to 34th street and Madison and back.
  3. Congrats! It definitely was a whole different experience for me and super intense. I'm so proud of everyone that made it and will make it by day 10. I myself qualified on day 7 too Who was your instructor?
  4. Who is your instructor and which depot are you training at?
  5. Thank you, it was confirmed today by the instructor as well.
  6. Hey everyone! Quick question on the 10 day training.. Is that a straight 10 days of training with no day(s) off in between?
  7. Just an FYI to anyone attending training in Zerega this Sunday, September 27, 2020 or in the near future if it doesn't change. You have to wear medium type work shoes with laces in all black , NO sneakers or slipper type shoes. Pants have to be long dark blue (navy), NO jeans or cargo pants. Shirt has to be solid light blue button down with a collar, NO polos. Tie solid navy blue or black (I would find a clip-on one)
  8. The next class is September 27th not sure after that.
  9. In my experience this past Monday I had my medical. I had a 7am appointment and was finished about 1:15pm. When you pass your medical then you go to meet with HR and you sign more paperwork, she'll review all your paperwork and ask any questions if needed. Then you get sworn in. After that you get your fingerprints taken and your picture for you pass. Then your done. It actually went pretty fast considering you are getting multiple things done that day. Good Luck!
  10. Yes I agree with the early start time, thanks for your input.
  11. Hi everyone, Just curious on how long the training days are.. Are you guys there from 7am-5pm?

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