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B46+SBS via Utica Av

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  1. I've definitely heard of the extension to Bedford/Nostrand from the (S). Sounds like alot of riders would be pleased if this action would be put into place
  2. Sorry, don't have any time to jump off a bridge. Maybe you should jump off a bridge with your butthurt self. Baby, I'm not hurt. I would honestly be hurt if I'm a middle aged man naming their profile over a bus line. Now jump off a bridge.. via Church.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering why the LIRR could never go into Staten Island
  4. 1st of all, those posts I had trouble deleting like this one. The main post was supposed to be the other one. The one that has 23 replies not this one.
  5. For example, when your deep into East New York like where I live, the B14 is a f**king headache. One time I stood there 30 minutes for the B14 to go home. The ratio of buses going to Utica & Eastern Pkwy to the buses going to the Stanley Post office is like 6:2. And even if the buses approach there, it'll be packed.
  6. Do you think I care because I couldn't give a single f**k if my English language is trash? No. Exactly. And I bet nobody gives a shit about your B35 Limited via Church. Now get off my line & log off. Ironic how you say god awful use of the English language yet you don't capitalize the word English.
  7. And also, I'm 100% glad that do one gives a shit. No one gives a shit about your god awful posts. Good night.
  8. Thank you love. I'm glad you say I have horrible english language. Have a splendid thanksgiving.
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