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  1. Anyone know of any updates around this currently (as of Jan 2021)? My understanding that OMNY for commuter rail has been pushed back a year. I would assume due to the COVID funding issues. However, there is still no clear implementation scheme.
  2. CORRECTION TO MY LAST POST: The MTA instal fiber optics along this line in 2007. If revived (including the Maybrook Line), Beaconites could take the train to Danbury where there is work and a large shopping mall. Furthermore, it takes strain off of i-84—which would be tremendously helpful in the winter. fiber optic source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beacon_Line
  3. My business is walking distance to this line, I know the area very well. Your point is valid, but oddly, didn’t the MTA instal fiber optics along this line like 3 years ago (please verify this statement)? Clearly they still have some plan for this line...
  4. All of it! Why would we want less train service? At very least, why wouldn’t we at least want this in our back pocket for later use? Sorry to introduce politics in this matter, but if the green new deal ever came to fruition New York would at least have some skeleton to work with for a build-out.
  5. I’m not sure I entirely agree with that. GCT could have turnstiles in that corridor between the central hall and the actual platform. As in all straphangers could use any turnstile whether boarding on track 15 or track 26. Places like Croton Harmon could easily fit 8 turnstiles near their information desk. And White Plains is currently in major renovation (including the street for taxis/pickups) the won’t be over till the summer and could easily setup a large pool of turnstiles. The way I see it, shared spaces like Penn would remain shared so just LIRR would tap in/out not NJT. (Think of the Oculus where Path Customers tap in one section, and subway goers swipe in another...)
  6. As you mentioned, it does need to prove to be cost effective before a major upgrade makes sense—that I agree. However, I think it would irresponsible to replace it with other uses. Hudson Valley’s population IS growing. In my mind, it’s smarter (and cheaper) to have an extensive renovation, then create something from scratch (when the time comes).
  7. While I support a trail off to the side, I am vehemently opposed to destroying rail lines. I am a former business owner in Beacon, NY whose business was a stone throw from the train line. While bike trail would have benefited my business (and the new owner would benefit now), I also think it is imperative to save unused lines for future use. The tri-state area’s population is growing and we must consider the impact a train line could have. The Beacon Line starts in Beacon, NY (intersecting with the Hudson Line) and terminates at Southeast,NY (intersecting with the Harlem Line and the Maybrook Line which takes one in Danbury). How cool would it be for someone to hop on at Beacon or Hopewell and take a train to the Danbury Fair Mall. The resurrection of the Beacon and Maybrook lines could reduce the dependency of I-84 (a highway locals LOATHE)
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows what the plan is for implementing OMNY on commuter rail? As someone who frequents the UK, I’m very familiar with their tap-in / tap-out strategy on the Tube and their Commuter Rail. I think it would a smart idea for the NY-suburbs. Just like London and its suburbs, pricing for our commuter rail is zone based in the NY suburbs. I would certainly prefer turnstiles at all of our stations than seeing conductors trying to implement this new payment methods—but I’m curious to see how they plan in setting OMNY up. Facts/Thoughts?
  9. Has there been word on how OMNY will be implemented on MetroNorth & LIRR? I am hoping it’s tap-in / tap-out like they do in London.

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