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  1. Regular rider here. I’ve seen plenty of trains with destination signs hopelessly wrong, from blank ones to wrong information to large amounts of burnt-out (I presume) lightbulbs, which make the sign impossible to read.
  2. I think part of the reasoning is due to terminal capacity. JC can only turn about 12tph.
  3. I like the idea of the BRT. I'm not sure that that specific route is best, but I'd love to see BRT in my neighbourhood. I don't think that just running shuttle trains on the West Side Line would be best, as I think it'd be better to run some Hudson Line MNR trains into the space freed up by ESA at Penn Station. This could both add service on the Hudson Line and on the Harlem and New Haven Lines into the new slots at GCT.
  4. I can see the benefit with regards to traffic delays. But couldn't you just build a bus lane protected by barriers? It would be impossible to build along the Amtrak ROW for two reasons. First, there's a huge slope from the bridge to the ROW, and second, it would be impossible to switch from the Amtrak ROW to Dyckman St without entirely tearing up the small bridge across the road or closing the main entrance to Dyckman Fields, a very popular area of Inwood Hill Park. While light rail is cheap compared to subway, who's asking for a subway? Buses would be nearly free, as almost no infrastructure would be required compared to light rail.
  5. Well, why not run buses along the proposed route? It would definitely be faster, as you point out. I just don't think all of the effort to build light rail would be worthwhile.
  6. I live in Inwood, and this proposal would require MASSIVE construction unless traffic would be allowed on tracks, in which case, why not just use buses? Most of the streets (in Inwood) are only two lanes wide.
  7. With no evidence for saying this, I think the will likely stay 8-car for a while.
  8. Finally at Jamaica Center. Got almost an hour of footage!
  9. Now at Broadway Junction. 5 sets are on the line, which IIRC is all of them.
  10. Now at Marcy Ave. At least 3 sets on the J/Z.
  11. I’m on my way to Broad St. Do you have any idea of where that set is now?
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