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  1. Just extend Bx41 SBS to LGA Airport, and not some QBx Route
  2. I know, I couldn’t get a good pic of that one, I will try to catch one. There are 2 to 34 St and one to 66 St. The 66 St one is the 2nd one
  3. Yes, and look how the R32s turned out. They lasted 56 years, over the MTA usual of 40
  4. Stop spreading false rumors. MTA is never gonna close
  5. M11 school trippers are still running for some reason, schools are out. Literally nobody on those buses
  6. 14 St crash killed a bus driver, william pena. He has a room in MJQ depot named after him. Guess drivers worry about driving that bus. Take a look at this: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/person-dead-mta-bus-hits-truck-greenwich-village-article-1.1610915
  7. That’s a few blocks from my house why didn’t I catch it
  8. Thank god bombardier is not building these cars. Look what they did to the R179s
  9. Instead of making the B1 artics, why not just make M96 artics? The M96s run frequently and every bus is crowded as hell. Run M96 artics out of MCH and Tusky
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