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  1. I wish I took a picture... probably the last time that is happening. But I was not fast enough.
  2. They will probably retire 2006 OGs from Manhattan , send those hybrids there, and buy more buses for Bronx!
  3. @Jova42R Not trying to be rude here, but I requested my bus signs on FEBRUARY 13th, and you didn’t do them yet, and you said you would.
  4. Nah, I think it’s a mistake. Mta constantly f**ks stuff up.
  5. Do any of you realize how expensive this will be to start without city funding, logistics, and advertising will be? You need to buy buses, build a depot, pay for gas, pay operators, and clean the buses. I am not even saying anything about planning. Nobody will know about this, and you have to advertise, which costs money too. Also, you might get sued by the MTA.
  6. Here are the words to describe this. Stupid, really really stupid.
  7. Maybe Getty Sq BxM3 and Craig/Hylan but I didn’t measure, just a guess
  8. I don’t think so. Just now, they have the buses and drivers to do it, so why not. Also, you can do more social distancing on artic buses
  9. Sorry for maybe being rude, but can I have my signs please?
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