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  1. I Just received email and I was not recommended for the “bus operator” position. I am devastated and don’t understand how this is so. I answered it the way I’m suppose to and even had the same answers as the sample ones posted on this forum. What did I do wrong? =( Can someone please help?
  2. Three months has gone by and there’s still no test results/list number. How much longer?
  3. What’s the pay like for all these job openings?
  4. correction: Does anyone know* if credit check is part of the employment process to being hired?
  5. Does anyone of credit check is part of the employment process to being hired?
  6. thanks for the prompt reply Young. Also I noticed you have applied to several different exams as far back as 2017 maybe even more. Are you still waiting to get hired?? @@ (I don’t know if I can wait two-three years for a call back)
  7. Can someone help clarify? As I’m reading earlier topics in the forum regarding previous B/O exams there was a boss exam following their list number. So what we took on Dec 4, 2019 was the survey and not the ”exam”? I’m confused, whether there will be another test or not. Currently (I’m assuming) awaiting for my list number. Please clarify. Thank you!!
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