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  1. Yea i did mine the same day and still awaiting medical
  2. I’m just hoping they call soon. I was hoping for the class on the 17th but who knows now
  3. I don’t think May. That’s a little far out. They said anywhere from 3-90days from the date you were down to do PE. Every 30 days that pass, you’ll be sent to do a new drug test
  4. I have a list of 9xx and is still awaiting to be called. I already completed PE, just awaiting MEDICAL.
  5. Has anyone been called back for Medical, that took PE on the week of 01/20?
  6. Has anyone confirmed that there will be a training for February 17? If not, does anyone know when the next training class is?
  7. Yea i did my PE on the 22nd as well. Still awaiting an email for medical smh
  8. Okay that’s great. I just did mine yesterday so we’ll see.
  9. Has anyone been contacted for Medical?
  10. Huh? “You got nothing at all”. Please clarify
  11. I didn’t receive anything as of yet. Will keep you posted.
  12. How you know if you passed the drug test? All i got was the receipt after the test.
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