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  1. I was there for about an hr no interview
  2. Honestly there were like a minimum of 7 people
  3. Yes paperwork not much at all and drug test afterwards they'll tell you to wait for a call an email for finger printing
  4. I just came from doing my alcohol an drug test yesterday, just standby an wait for an email or call
  5. I've received mines aswell, I have a quick question. Do u know to to actually sign it because I'm unable to do so on the computer
  6. Good afternoon everyone,has any received any updates or have an email to access them?
  7. Hope everyone is staying safe, my training got postponed due to everything that's going on. Stay safe everyone
  8. Is anybody else reporting to zerega next Monday?
  9. I went to my pre-employment today, what's the next step after that wait for a phone call?
  10. Thank you so much, so they wouldn't disqualify me when I go to the pre-employment interview?
  11. Hey good evening everyone I have a question, I have my CLP but how do I get no restrictions on it? Also I have my passenger and air breaks endorsements but on my CLP It only has P? Can someone help please and thank you
  12. ok thanks an is there anyway I'll be able to postpone my appointment?
  13. Hey everyone I just have a question, what endorsements do u need to the bus operator position? If anyone can let me know I'll appreciate it thanks
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