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  1. Any idea of how long they give you to respond/show up for the next step once you have been contacted the first time ? Example: If and when I receive a letter / email indicating my number has been called, how far in advance do they give you to appear in person? I travel out of state frequently and I want to be prepared if I'm out of state when I receive the call, is it a date and time that is within a week , month? If I have to fly back down the next day, I will sacrifice the trip.
  2. Do we receive an actual letter with the exam score and list# or do we only receive a letter once our number is called?. I ask because I have not received any email or letter indicating the exam results. I had my address changed a year ago and don't want to miss any letter or information that is sent out. This forum is the only way I have any idea what is going on, so thanks to all who contribute.
  3. Great info about the process on the 3600 thread. It seems like a slow process but well worth it. Some people listed in the 300's appeared to wait about 6 months for drug test / physicals / training to begin. I'm all for the wait as it's well worth it. I'm listed between 750 - 799. Is that a good enough number to expect a call?
  4. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the info, very exciting to see some progress with this. When they notify you that your number is called, is it a phone call , email or letter ? Also, how long do you have to respond to the job? I have a fear that I will somehow miss out on the opportunity. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. Good luck to all and congrats.
  7. Thanks for reply. Is there any way to see if a list# has been called or track how far along they are on the list ?
  8. Congrats to all who passed, I was able to pass and get a list# in the high 700's. Any idea as to how long until being contacted to start the employment process? I'm currently out of state but plan on relocating back, just would like some sort of a time frame.
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