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  1. You should be called really really soon , you’re right there
  2. Same list number more or less?
  3. @Sjones8293 oh nice! They should be reaching out soon I’d say. In the next couple days if anything
  4. @Sjones8293It is possible. What’s your list number? When did you go for drug testing?
  5. I made it along with 5 other people who went for medical testing last week, not sure how many others
  6. @Shayc10 like a week ago and training is Feb 3rd
  7. I’m finishing up medical right now!
  8. Anyone at 180 Livingston right now?
  9. Did anyone get called for medical and final processing tomorrow?
  10. @Shayc10 if they send you another email or call for the medical then you know you passed.
  11. @rosarp01 what did you have to clear up at the dmv? Are you making it for the feb class? How’s your process going?
  12. @Sjones8293 what do you have so far? I can try to help if you need!
  13. @Sjones8293 I’m waiting for medical and final processing. Where are you at?
  14. @Natalie that would be awesome if I was. I have my permit and the passenger and air brakes and I don’t have anything pending so I should be all set. That’s awesome that you got it! Hopefully you don’t have to wait that long. I don’t think so to be honest. What depot are you hoping for?
  15. @Natalie I went for the pre-employment on Thursday and did the background and drug test. Hopefully you’ll be called soon, I believe they got up to the 900s. You have all your stuff ready?
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