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  1. I just been trying not to think about it & hopefully time will fly by & they will just make that list
  2. I was told that they extended the list for 4700 because when they make a list for 8702 because it’s gonna be so short they gonna burn right through it
  3. They can’t consolidate it because they already took our $$$ for the next one that would be a major lawsuit
  4. I’m with u on that I can’t wait either I think about that all the time going to work & not have to drive a bus no more smfh
  5. I think they only extended the last list just to kill time
  6. That was told to me last night while I was doing the q shuttle
  7. They better not because they already took my $$ for the next exam
  8. Now I hear there’s talk of them saying they might throw the test out smfh they better not buying.
  9. I know one guy that passed was reclassified & his year is almost up so he might not get it another guy that passed is recording secretary in my depot he said he’s not gonna take it if they call him
  10. If u stay OA & get promoted u would have to go to Manhattan or the bx if u don’t mind doing that
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