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  1. How many of the R46's are going to be replaced? The base order cannot possibly replace all of the R46's.
  2. It sounds like a 2 headed hydra waiting to pop your ears.
  3. I was taking the R to College Today and i saw i Cuomo/Siemens set, a Cuomo/Alstom set, and a Siemens/Alstom Set, what is Jamaica doing with the R160's?
  4. The HR4000 looks so good! I Wish that we could have that seating configuration at our trains though.
  5. No, actually, the r32s will be retired this spring. It's the last ride for the R42s, debuted in 1969 We'll be doing it again this spring, when the MTA retires the oldest of the old cars, known as the R32s, from 1964 pic.twitter.com/BtBRT2TJLY — Dan Rivoli (@danrivoli) February 12, 2020
  6. When do you think this issue will be resolved?
  7. What Happened to the last 20 R179 Cars (3308-3327) Are they in service?
  8. When do you think the R68/As will be replaced?

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