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  1. This is some food for thought, mostly for the folks getting closer to the start of training… when it comes to your “x” pick (temporary pick location), at the end of the 2 week classroom training they will give you guys a list of available spots which are temporary. Based on your seniority within that class, you will be picking the spots one by one. The actual locations are random. Some spots may be days and some may be nights. Some may be in the Bx, Brooklyn, or Queens… just have to wait and see what’s available. Be flexible because if you’re lower on the seniority list for the class, your chances get slimmer for what you want.
  2. Everything is going pretty smooth. Im a part of a group that is in AY yard (Canarsie) for the 4 weeks. They have us working hard throughout the day, cutting ties and using different power tools, explaining different types of rails and tools etc. Not bad at all.
  3. Thanks for the congrats "Trackhead" and "Trackstar". Thats first and foremost. I took this test years ago and finally completed my pre employment process on Tuesday! Long time coming but all is well. So I made it all the way through the hiring process and I am excited to be joining the June 7th class that kicks off with the orientation that will be on zoom for the first day. If I can help anyone that is going through the pre employment stage, just know you MUST clear all pending traffic tickets before you get to the medical portion of the process (they do not want you to owe the city while being hired by the city, simple). Also, be sure to be accurate on your application as it pertains to work history, etc. For example, if you have worked for the mta before, let them know! (Years ago I did bridge and tunnel for like 3 days then got let go for showing up late. I forgot to include that so it created a little hiccup in the process as it seemed to show that I had 2 id numbers, go figure) But thats just an example as to how accurate you have to be with them. As for the medical, make sure your blood pressure is at a decent level, they check that, along with ekg, vision test (if you wear contacts, bring your glasses and some contact solution), hearing test, and they took urine again to check for sugar levels and stuff. Once your are qualified medically, there is a ton of paperwork they will go over with you so make sure you fill out all the pages as much as you can before you see the interviewer. Lastly i noticed a lot of guys were there without the $88.25 money order for fingerprints or had western union money orders. Make sure you bring a UNITED STATES POSTAL money order. No other type will be accepted. Other than that I think you guys will be fine. This is just my experience with the pre employment process over the past few days. Hope this helps those that are next in line. Oh and I had to resign from my job at the post office today. The MTA will not allow you to work two jobs unless it is approved and thats like a whole other process. Apparently, you have to be fully flexible because you could possibly work anywhere in the borough at any time of day. Keep that in mind guys. If you have any questions about the process I just went through feel free to reply. I check this forum regularly. Its been a ton of help!
  4. Yes, it has to be emailed back to them. They provide the email address within the email. But... there is also a link you can copy and paste to fill the forms out online so there is that option as well. In case someone doesn't have access to a printer and what not. I apologize for the fonts and grammar used.
  5. Im super hype! 😃 I received an email 2 days ago for the canvass. They basically want to know if you're interested in the position or not. Of course I am but just for information purposes... I am list number 2xx. The paperwork is pretty standard from my perspective (work history, job history, driving record, few signatures etc). They want you to reply by MARCH 5, 2021! I JUST replied to the email with all the completed forms. I personally printed the forms and filled them out, scanned the documents and emailed them. There is an option for completing this canvass online using the link in the email so whatever works for you guys is cool. I will definitely stay active on here and keep everyone updated on the process. I also have a close friend who has been in the RAIL GANG for about 10 years so I have a little extra insight into this job. I wish everyone on here good luck! Just wanted to throw my experience out there to help any way that I can. Lets get this💰💸🤑
  6. My boy told me to just make sure my license is CURRENT and VALID with no tickets owed at the time of application processing. Simple as that. Pay the DMV what you owe and stay out of trouble. I personally have to pay my little parking tickets as well but its worth it.
  7. Thanks man. And most def! I will. I also have 2 close friends who have been track workers for a few years now, and they're doing great. I will update you all on every step as I am sure you all will as well. This is a great career. Good luck to all.
  8. i cant lie, having 5 dwi's is crazy. lol. still, im personally happy to hear you changed your life. we all have pasts that we want to correct so our future is better. i wish you the best of luck bro. im new to this forum as well. list number "2xx" so ive been following the thread for valuable info. my .2

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