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  1. Is there an interview on the day we go in for medical? And if anyone knows can you give me a run down of the whole day. Like what is it that they have us do that day?
  2. This position doesn’t require a high school diploma. I had mine when i went down there as well but it was a just incase thing because it’s not required. And hopefully it is a week to get a medical date that would really get things moving fast.
  3. I went in yesterday and it also took just under 3 hours because there were a lot of employees coming in to get tested and it seemed like they were getting priority over the pre-employmnent people but that wasn’t the case, they are very unorganized and there was one person taking samples for over 40 people waiting and people coming in. The paper work portion of the process was very fast but the second step took over 2 hours of waiting. All in all i didn’t mind the wait sure they could’ve been more organized but I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for so long now that waiting 3 hours is really nothing and of course there were people complaining but that didn’t help the situation.
  4. My list number is in the 1-50 range so hopefully i can get through everything quick and get in. Also, remember people get disqualified or held back for many reasons (drug test, health reasons, etc) so don’t rule anything out just be ready for when they call you.
  5. Thanks for the insight boys, my appointment is for Tuesday morning I’ll share my experience when i go in. Hopefully we’re apart of the first 50, good luck yall.
  6. I was under the impression that this was a two step process. I was reading the last exam forum and in there multiple people were explaining they’re experience and what i mostly read was that the first appointment is a drug test plus some paper work and the second date is to see the doctor this includes physical test, health test etc. if everything goes well the second day then they take your picture and get a start date the same day. I could be wrong remember we are in a global pandemic and things could have changed but i got this info from reading the last forum for exam 3600. Thoughts?
  7. Assuming everything goes well at this appointment will we know if we have the job the same day or if theres still another step before we know anything?
  8. Thank you. Also i have a pending ticket with a court date for an improper left turn but i have footage from dash cam showing it wasn’t illegal. I don’t mind pleading guilty if it helps make the hiring process faster, but this ticket is associated with 2 points and i already have 6 i think anymore and I’m in trouble. Not sure what to do. Side note: i also have my defensive driving course which removes 4 points from my license but when i sign in to my dmv it still shows all 6.
  9. Should i be worried because I’ve been reading this forum and I’m noticing that some people are getting emailed back to make corrections on their paperwork and some unfortunately to inform them they will no longer be considered. I submitted my paperwork on time but have yet to receive anything back not even a confirmation that they received my documents. I just don’t want to get left out due to missing or incorrect documents. If any body has any info please inform me thank you.
  10. MTA Post Good morning everyone let me start by congratulating those who where contacted to proceed with the process. As we all know not everyone gets hired so making it this far is a blessing. The point of this post is to inform those who don’t know the different ways you can get put on hold or disqualified. Keep in mind this is solely based on the 3600 track worker thread so a lot may have changed through the years and also because of covid-19. Ok so based on the 3600 thread the most important thing to make sure is right before anything is your health. First By what ive read they check your blood pressure so make sure it’s normal (if it’s not there are ways to bring it down and get it under control) this is one way they can place you on hold and potentially miss the first class. Second is sugar levels the sample they take is used for many tests so if they ditect any sugar in your urine you will be placed on hold as well. Third is Drug tests if I’m not mistaken this is the first test they give in order to see if they can move on with you or disqualify you from the beginning this saves them money and time so make sure you are clean and off EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING! This is a safety first job so they want people that are not impaired in any way because this is a dangerous job not only for you but also those around you. Fourth is physical activity for this portion you don’t have to be an Olympian to get this job just make sure you are in enough shape for any physical test they may give so you can pass with no issues. Other things to look out for is your license if you have a license make sure it’s clean i know you dont need a license for this job but if you have one they will run it so just make sure you are ok, Also pay off all outstanding tickets this may delay the process for you. Many of you may already know most if not all of these things but hopefully it helps someone that may not know. Also, if anyone can add or correct anything i said or anything they might know that i didn’t include please feel free to do so. Thank you guys and good luck.
  11. Happy new year everyone hope this year is the year that they actually start to move on this list. But i had a similar question, does anyone know or heard any thing related to T/W hiring process. Im reading through various threads on this site and seeing that almost every other list is hiring or going through the hiring process so i was just curious as to why isnt this one moving or even any new info has come out relatinng to this. Thank you & stay safe everyone. list number #5x
  12. Ive been ready as well since i was mailed my list number & i was actually excited because I have a really low number. But, after listening to the president of MTA go on national tv and say the things he said plus the current pandemic all of it is discouraging. Plus as I’m reading they are short of some track workers so at this point the way things are going there’s no telling when we’ll get called.
  13. Has anyone heard anything new. I know there are other lists moving just wondering when will they start moving on this list. Thank you stay safe.
  14. So in your opinion do you think i should just ride it out with my class B? Because the information the other guy gave implied there are more job opportunities for a class A. Also remaining with my B saves me $2000++
  15. Thank you for the information i will keep it in mind when i get called up. As far as the recreation drugs never been that person to do those things but of course there are people who do and that’s a good heads up to anyone on the list so thanks for that as well. Well looks like there are a lot more opportunities with a class A then there is for class B so i think I’m going to try and get my class A before they start the process. Thanks for the Insight this is very helpful.

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