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  1. I like the Fresh Meadows line. I think that a 15TPH on Whitestone/Bayside and 15TPH on Fresh Meadows/Jamaica and 30TPH on the mainline from Queens College to Jamaica. Could this work?
  2. On a different topic, how much would a extension to 261 St cost? Would it be wanted? @KK 6 Ave Local @Around the Horn @Jova42R Thoughts?
  3. I think this could work, but I think you should ax the 41 St station, and move the 48 St station to 53rd. Also, does the Freedom Tunnel have room for these stations (especially 96th, 83rd, 75th, and 62nd?) As well, are you thinking of quadruple-tracking the northern part of the tunnel and/or double-tracking the southern single-tracked part?
  4. @Jova42R these are really nice! Good job!
  5. Could I have R32 West Village Broome St Fort Greene St Felix St Delancey Lee - Crosstown
  6. Could I have: West Village Broome St
  7. Hi @Jova42R! Could I have (luminator): 803 DEBORAH HEIGHTS BRADLEY TERM 803 VIA JANO RD VIA KRAMER HWY 803 EXPRESS BUS
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