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  1. It's a good chance that XN60 1020 is going to get scrapped
  2. Seen a OOS R32 on the fulton exp line heading to pitkin
  3. Well 5 years later r143 J Z strip map
  4. Yes they are in active service but i kno cars 3110 - 3113 are having breaking issues Its coupled with 3126 - 29 and they are still in active service
  5. Were you in the train? Because your a damn liar that train was jerky I should of video recorded it
  6. No the brakes were jerky from bway myrtle too Essex where I got off and I can tell you it was not the train operator
  7. I was in the train 1st car the driver had to come out the cabin and stand in front of the 1st doors and radio the conductor to open it
  8. I'm sorry the r179s are trash and need to be taken back out of passenger service R179 car 3110-3113 is having trouble braking it over shot flushing av just 5mins ago
  9. Only if covid never happened, then the 211s would already be here and going threw its testing fase and all this madness from the lemons wouldn't cause such a huge issue
  10. Please let's not turn this into a race thing
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