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  1. I believe a lot of this is just playing politics to try and get federal aid. The problem is that this federal government simply doesn't care and would like to see blue states suffer. In the end, it would be political suicide for Cuomo to allow such cuts on his watch. I've watched all his briefings since day 1 and he always deflects on questions regarding a "drop dead" date when devastating budget cuts would have to take place, so clearly they can stick it out for a while, probably meaning January when hopefully things change in D.C. He should stop with the political theater and tell people the truth. However, what he is totally right about is that the federal government is completely and totally at fault for the covid outbreak in NYC, and they need to pay for the damage they caused. That must include making the MTA whole.
  2. This used to often be an R46 before the swap.
  3. Hypothetically, if Lexington Avenue CBTC happens before the R262s come in, I then there would need to be another fleet swap to make Lex 100% NTT. Here's how I think it should happen if that is necessary. R62A from to R142A from to R142 from to and I believe the fleet is bigger than the fleet, so some R142s would stay on the
  4. They'd just get on the next train then. I think improved technology for disinfection should allow 24 hour service to resume, but whether Cuomo allows it remains to be seen.
  5. That's a good point. For example, someone living in Brooklyn and working for the A Division would not want to pick a job, because it's a long trip all the way up to Wakefield 241st Street just to even start work. I think I'd much rather take a job close to home even if it were less desirable. From a rail fan perspective, I think working the would be fun, mainly for the scenery crossing Jamaica Bay. In terms of the difficulty of a job, I think there's a balance for the length of the route. The are super long, so fewer end changes, but you also don't get a break very often. On the other hand, the are rather short, and even moreso for the shuttles, so while there's less time actually in the cab, you get to change ends a lot and see the same few stations over and over again. Another question I had is which lines don't have the crew change at a terminal station? I know for the , the crew change is at Bedford Park Boulevard even though the terminal is Norwood 205th Street. Any others like that?
  6. I saw that press conference. His answer was basically lip service, but he's now on record saying that 24 hour service will return, which will make it hard to walk it back. My issue is there is no specific metrics to bring back full service and I see that as a slippery slope. It's also worth noting that the LIRR and SIR, both MTA agencies still have 24 hour service, so disinfecting those trains while keeping service running is possible.
  7. I get both of your points, but I don't see this as something that's negotiable or to be compromised on. Subway service was always 24/7 until Cuomo unilaterally took it away in the blink of an eye with no plan to bring it back. That's not something he or any other elected official should be allowed to get away with.
  8. He totally should push them through like he did with Phase 1. Enough is enough of the constant delays and false starts with these projects.
  9. This can all be solved in November without seceding from the union. If the Senate flips, then Schumer becomes majority leader. If he can get along with Cuomo, then it could turn out to be very good for any projects in New York that require federal funding. Presidency has to flip too. They can't just freeze all capital spending forever or the system would crumble like it did in the 70s and 80s. That would be more expensive in the long run. Ever heard of the inverse square rule for deferred maintenance?
  10. This is political theater. The whole state is crying poor in an attempt to get aid from the federal government. They should get aid, but the Senate Republicans would rather see New York go bankrupt than give a dime to a blue state. Also, people need to just move on from the R32s and R42s. The R42s are definitely not coming back into service, and I'd say the R32s will not likely be put back into service. It's over.
  11. Agreed with both your statements. They need to put out guidelines to restore overnight service. Whether that be a certain reopening phase, treatment or vaccine available, or when technology and procedures can allow for the same level of cleaning while maintaining overnight service, there needs to be something. I understand not wanting to commit to a certain date, and I don't think they should, but that's different than putting out guidelines and criteria.
  12. I don't understand why so many are ok with this attack on subway service and the city as a whole. People should be fighting Cuomo and his people on this. Protesting, flooding their offices with angry letters, etc. Demanding a return to full service, or at least a timeline or criteria to bring it back.
  13. I'm saying if more R211Ts were ordered in an option, which is entirely possible, they should all go to Jamaica Yard
  14. My opinion is that the regular R211s should go to Pitkin/207 and Coney Island, the same yards that currently run R46s. It eliminates the need for another swap. However, any R211Ts should go to Jamaica, displacing Siemens R160s cars back to CI. There would not be perfect uniformity. There would still be a majority and minority fleet at each yard.
  15. Because there's no set reopening phase in which overnight service returns, I do believe this is a ploy to end it permanently.
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