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  1. I have proposed a Queens TramLink system as a joint effort with @Jova42R. Please see the link below for the proposal. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xz17-KIFRDWieUCrQZo82xELDbdi0dx9dW3r2wNo31g/edit#heading=h.5b9dlcng3cvk
  2. Another suggestion I have would be to have a light rail line as a shuttle between the airport terminals at LGA as there is currently no AirTrain serving this route.
  3. When I mentioned one-car trains, I was mainly thinking that way for off-peak hours.
  4. A light rail sounds like a cool idea for NYC. However, I would recommend using Kawasaki LRVs as seen in Philadelphia so there's the option to run it as a single unit if necessary.
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