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  1. https://gyazo.com/c06728ff75dce5e829fd09ca918893ac HEV's on the B47.
  2. https://gyazo.com/b1be6126bfe8c1025835ef24288e9e48 Interesting to see so many buses serve a generally deserted area (excluding Matrix Park).
  3. I'm going to miss the good ol' Orion VII NG's, especially their propulsion.
  4. Probably not, the federal government is still weary of executing that kind of action, chances of opening are higher in state and local governments on the contrary though.
  5. @checkmatechamp13 Late reply, but I think your proposal is pretty nice for the most part. I wonder about the possibility of running an express bus route across the Bayonne to get to Manhattan, while route 440 for that portion isn't exactly an expressway, it can still get riders to Manhattan in a reasonable amount of time. What's your stance on that?
  6. I don't know what point you're trying to bring out here, Church Avenue traffic is an enduring issue, cool.
  7. Your response here is abridging my actual reply; you are going outside the scope of my reply, with the addition of random generalizations. I'm not going to waste my time here, I'll keep each response short and sweet. You're repeating what you've said previously, I already explained this whole B36 and B74 phenomenon. The reason I mentioned Ulmer Park, contrary to what you see it is as, was to hint the fact that the depot can handle extra equipment regardless of its size. Thus making a more serviceable B36 actually possible with the right circumstances. We're talking about the B6, I don't know why you're bringing that statistic up. I'd say this is deserving of the irrelevant title. The B11, with my proposal, is still going to have that connection..? I rest you said, I response with a hefty 'Ok.' It's my perspective, can't get mad at someone's opinion right? Get some propriety. You misinterpreted my usage of 'pivotal'. I was referring to Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt only. I never mentioned the 'B67 being a pivotal giant', with that, I can care less for the rest said as it was said based off a misinterpretation. Well assuming you didn't make any counterargument to that B100 justification, I can safely say you do not have anything else to say about that. There are other roads that B41's at layover can take to get back to the main King Plaza terminal? That wouldn't exacerbate anything, it'll give the terminal more breathing room in terms of bus presence.
  8. I guess that's the MTA doing its most to appease the Coney Islanders. A connection to the junction won't hurt the route, it'll actually provide better connection, look at the plethora of routes and transfer to the and , there's certainly demand there if we're having the B44 and B49, both running up and down from southern to northern portions of Brooklyn. As for Ulmer, much alike a barn, it has a tendency to park buses on the streets themselves, so I guess they can go about that. The bath beach routes would at least go to different areas in Brooklyn, unlike the B74, that's why it isn't detrimental. The main draw, believe it or not, is the in Canarsie (it was just recently brought back in-service, time to see crowding progressively climb up.) It is largely detrimental? Not to that extent, but I'd rather have a more direct B6 than one that will get stuck in the junction. Then again, it's a moderate walk from Ave J to the subway station. Long routes deserve better direction, more streamline than tedious. This is quite literally what the MTA is doing now with their redesign projects, so. But why have those turns? It isn't giving anyone better connection, that area is basically all industrial (though there is some gentrification going on in that area, look at Industry City). Realistically, all there should be is a connection to that ferry at bush terminal, which the B11 does do even with this route change. As far as 49th and 50th go, if we want to remove the 'narrowness' issue that'd require a re-direction to a street like 60th, already covered by the B9, which I don't see happening anytime soon. 49th and 50th are fine, though there is the occasional double parking which can delay the buses, it provides fine connection and the ridership there is pretty real. I have a pet peeve with these short routes, there's opportunity in them, the least the MTA should do with this route is maybe add a weekday-extension to the train, the Culver line, that'll at least maybe give it some outstanding purpose than just being a gate for transferring to the and , could also redirect the attention there to the so both subway lines are equally served, perhaps? Like I said previously, if Vanderbilt is quite pivotal for the MTA, have the B69 run a weekday service there to cover for residents, though realistically there's a bus route on every road the B69 passes by on Vanderbilt, except for Willoughby (+ the ). Those hypothetical turns would at least churn some purpose, that being full-time coverage of those aforementioned areas, that's the difference between 'unnecessary' and 'necessary', necessary having some purpose or meaning. The B41, if that terminal really can't handle many buses, we could probably have some B41's use that B47 layover on Avenue U, there's decent space there. If we were to assume your statement was true, let's focus our efforts on getting the B103 off Flatbush quicker. Either Ditmas or Cortelyou would suffice, but if we kept with Cortelyou there should realistically only be one stop, being E16th to provide connection to the and , as a limited it would treat it right.
  9. I never said it has to be from the southern tip of Manhattan, anywhere in Manhattan would do, I chose central Manhattan for this.
  10. I'll respond to certain points made in your reply. Though I should've explain my logic beforehand to be more concise, I believe that, based off the proximity between both Ditmas and Foster, it wouldn't devastate the route's ridership considering customers only have to take a short 1-2 minute walk to get to the B8 assuming it is changed to run on Ditmas. Will it weaken it? Hardly, it should still receive proper ridership to uphold itself. Yes, I did accidentally forget that Avenue I is a dead-end, whoops! Disregard that. I wouldn't consider that the weakest part, during certain hours it receives basically the same ridership as Church Avenue. Now here's food for though, run another short turn to Kings Hwy for buses coming from Sunset Park, to my experience most passengers aren't interested in Mother Gaston Boulevard, etc. The bus frees up by that point. Church Avenue traffic is a whole another story, an enduring issue that warrants a separate thread, sheesh. The B74's purpose is still moot regardless, my opinion has not changed. But, if you do believe having bus service remain on Neptune is a must due to it being an ideal road, I'd just have the B36 run short turns on that road from Seagate to the Stillwell Terminal, weekdays peak hours only. Simple. I mean, yeah, most B69 buses free up once they reach Flatbush Avenue so there's no point of having that run further. Vanderbilt Avenue residents will still have connection to a plethora of routes for Downtown Brooklyn, as for Park Slope, G train is available. The least I can respect is having the B69 run during peak hours only, or just no weekend service, whatever residents there would be inclined to the most. To my knowledge, many people get off the B70 once they reach 4th Avenue for the subway, some are interested in then transferring to the or at 9th Street to get to Red Hook. In addition, some people in Sunset Park use the B35 for the same purpose, to get to the and . I feel as having this extension will remove the need to transfer, it'll directly bring passengers interested in Red Hook to that area, the terminus I suggested is what would be the most 'direct' (which is what the MTA is currently brainstorming for, more direct routes). I do acknowledge the Canarsie renovations, but the MTA should've considered the fact that the congestion on Rockaway Parkway is real. Yes, better connections, but the idea was poorly executed. Buses have to take turns to get to a terminal station for the sake of fast transfer, in return, they get stuck in tight traffic. Flatlands isn't dangerously far from the station, it is two short blocks away, it wouldn't invest in any harm. Coney Islanders who want to get the B82-SBS, if it were to be extended, would be appeased because they won't have to stick with the local B82 just to get off at another stop for the SBS, then waiting for that particular bus. We cannot definitively be so sure of that, I'm just going off the limb here, maybe they won't mind the need to transfer for the B41 which has pretty quick headways all-around, so I don't see any major backlash using this inference.
  11. I think I've found it, it's Craig Avenue and Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, that's about 25 miles away from Times Square.
  12. I've always been curious on what's geographically the farthest MTA bus stop (whether it be local or express) from Manhattan, who thinks they know?
  13. As someone who was born and raised in this borough, I'll give my perspective on each bus route I have experience and knowledge of. B1: Never really had issues with this route, seems to be overall swell. I'd extend its Bay Ridge terminus to Shore Road via 86th, otherwise it is fine as it is. B2: Should be discontinued (refer to B100 in this list to find out why). B3: I'd extend to VA Hospital via Cropsey or Bath, otherwise, seems fine. B4: Firstly, I'd rather have it travel down Voorhies Avenue instead of Shore Pkwy and Emmons, less turns. Secondly, have the Bay Ridge terminus extended to B9/B64 terminus, provides transfers and better connection to the X27 and X37. B6: For the most part, it is fine, but it lacks directness so instead of meandering at Brooklyn Junction, have it just run down Avenue J until it reaches Flatlands Avenue. B8: Similar issue to the B6, just have it run down Ditmas Ave/Ave D until it reaches Remsen Avenue, less unnecessary turns. B9: No issues, keep it as it is. B11: A lot of meandering in this route, to start off, let's look at the Sunset Park terminus and its vicinity. Have it run down 49th until it reaches 1st Avenue, then it'll go down to the terminus from there. It'll run onto 2nd Avenue to get onto 50th Street for Midwood-bound buses. For the McDonald Avenue area, have it take a turn from McDonald to 18th Avenue instead of taking Parkville Ave, that street is more narrow than 18th. Finally, for the Midwood area, have it remain on Avenue I instead of taking the unnecessary turn onto Avenue J, while it provides better connection, passengers literally just have to walk one block to get to the , no need to babysit here. B16: This route has similar issues with the B11, specifically the one-way street meandering phenomenon. Here me out, I know 13th and 14th generate ridership, but those two streets (to my experience) always have congestion, such as double-parked vehicles, vehicles making constant lane changes, trucks being unloaded, etc. Honestly, just have it run down Fort Hamilton Parkway, while it wouldn't have the same ridership effect, it isn't too far from 13th/14th, so I'd say it wouldn't devastate this route. B31: Extend this route, it deserves it. I'd have it continue to Coney Island Ave, then it'll run north to the B68 terminus (Prospect Park W). Coney Island and the general area already have pretty good bus presence, I'd say it would be smart to give the Prospect Park area better southern connections besides just the B68. B35: I've had many experiences with this route, with the entering of articulated buses to this route, it is pretty unique. The route seems fine, but I do wish that there was more service to the Sunset Park terminus instead of running supplementary buses to McDonald Avenue. On one occasion, I came across 3 buses in a row, all terminating at McDonald Avenue, that is quite ridiculous and the schedule should be revised. B36: This route is a perfect opportunity for an extension to Brooklyn Junction (Flatbush Avenue), have it go there instead of just stopping at Avenue U. B37: I hardly ever use this route due to the fact that it has lackluster frequencies, at most there could be 3-4 buses on this route at the same time. You can expect a good wait until the bus arrives, though that would reflect on the ridership this route receives which is also minimal. The MTA did abandon this route previously, but people contested this and wanted this route reinstated. The MTA decided to heed to that request and did so, but honestly, you might as well find some way to extend this route if the current route generates little ridership, maybe Williamsburg? That'd be interesting. B41: The route is fine, although Flatbush is pretty congested at day time. One thing I'd remove is Bergen Beach service, refer to B100. B61: One of the most meandering routes I've seen thus far, I still don't know why the MTA made it go on 3rd Street and Gowanus. I know Red Hook residents are eager for better service, but the DoT should revise the neighborhood's roads, particularly how the one-way streets are organized. That's a major issue for the B61 and why it has no choice but to take many turns. I believe it should stick on 9th, have it then go on Court Str/Smith Str to turn onto Bay Street, then Columbia, then Halleck/Beard Street to finally get onto Van Brunt. It'll maintain the B57 and Ikea connection at least, until the DoT fix the roads there, this is the least meandering route I can think off the top of my head. B63: The route is pretty direct, hardly any turns so I'd keep with it. B64: I'd consider the route acceptable to my standards, but I'd discontinue service on Harway Avenue, just have it run down Bath Avenue to get onto Stillwell Avenue. I'd also say, have it go on 14th Avenue, but 13th Avenue people, especially considering that it's a hot spot for commerce, wouldn't appreciate it. B67/B69: These two routes are brothers/sisters, they both essentially go to the same terminus, just via different roads. Question is, which one generates higher ridership? That'd be the B67, so I'd just discontinue the B69 seeing as its whole purpose is unnecessary and moot. B70: I have a lot of experience with this one, it is pretty short when it comes to the route, weekend service is also pretty slow. I feel as this route holds a great opportunity to appease Red Hook residents, maybe it should be extended there via 4th Avenue, 9th Street, and Hamilton Avenue, it'll use that loop at the end of the Gowanus (before it becomes a tunnel) to change directions. Perhaps? Otherwise, increase service a little to prevent crowded buses (especially 8th Avenue). B74: Someone has to explain to me why this route exists, it is literally a supplementary B36 from Coney Island Terminal to Seagate. Discontinue it, please. B82: The route is pretty direct for the most part, for the Canarsie portion, keep it on Flatlands, no need for those unnecessary turns. I'd extend the SBS service to the Coney Island Terminal to better appease passengers. B100: This route holds a lot of opportunity, and it is essentially a longer B2, hence why I want B2 discontinued. To cover for the B41 if we remove its Bergen Beach service, have it go on Flatbush to get onto Avenue N where it'll travel it until it reaches Avenue U, where it'll turn onto there to get onto E 66th Street, and from there it'll continue its normal route to the Mill Basin Terminus. B103: Rode this route a couple times, it has a tendency to get stuck in traffic, I'd limit the amount of turns this route takes to remedy that. For Flatbush Avenue, have it continue to Church Avenue, where it'll turn left and then take a turn onto Coney Island Avenue to Machate Circle, it'll take Ocean Pkwy to get onto Prospect Expressway. Canarsie bound buses would take exit 6 to get onto Church. Have it stick on 4th Avenue instead of both 4th and 3rd, don't see the need for that. I'd have it terminate at Atlantic Avenue considering its distance and that ridership usually increases at Flatbush, so.
  14. I caught an S48 #7008 having the 'PROMOTIONAL BUS' display, heading towards St. George. Pretty rare catch.
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