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  1. Just wanna shout out all the new conductors that took and passed that yard practical this week! 🦾🦾
  2. Thanks @Riku I sent a PM. I’m in Div B. @Sfredo, if you need guidance, pm @Schecter since y’all are Div A.
  3. So....anyone care to bring me up to speed on the yard practical? We have it in like 2 weeks.
  4. My bad if I didn’t, I thought i replied to this already. I called the local office closest to my residence.
  5. I'm dressed like yesterday just in case I had to stand up. I don't want any whoops moments. lol. They not ready,......I'm not ready either lol.
  6. I did as you suggested. The Catepillar's actually got s the best reviews. 4.5/5 from 1605 reviews. I'm just gonna go with that for now. The Rockports on Amazon got like a 3.9/5 from 48 reviews and ppl send they tend to run small so you need like a half size bigger. @Sfredo bro just fyi if you haven't ordered yours yet. It seems the Cats are a bit heavy but I won't mind that too much. Off of my own research it was either the Rockports or the Cats and I went with the Cats. They also look less like a boot. I'm hoping they're comfortable. Also, I did the registration for Tuesday so I'm set for now. 🦾
  7. I spoke to an NYPD friend. He said the Rockports are pretty dope and not offered to everyone. I don't care how they look, I just want the most comfortable shoe there. So how comfortable are they?
  8. That's good to know. I worked public safety in Times Square for 2 years. 10hr tours. It was terrible on my back lol
  9. I'm still not sure. My brother in law recommended the Timberland Pro's. But I remember my experience with those, even though I had them a full size too big
  10. Yea I definitely got the email. I'm gonna try to register now. In my current job, I've conducted and participated in Zoom meetings. I have a Zoom Pro account. I'll show you a picture my wife took. We had a meeting with NYSED and I had a shirt, tie, sports jacket, and sleep shorts for a 2hr meeting. It was hilarious. lol
  11. It's cool that you can return them if the fit isn't right. I definitely do not want to be uncomfortable for 8+ hours a day. Speaking of....are we standing the entire time?
  12. I had some timberland pro work shoes with steel toe in the past and I got them a half size too big (ordered online and didn't get to try them on) and the steel toe was terrible. So hopefully this time I can order one that fits good. A loose steel toe shoe is very uncomfortable.
  13. yo have you been telling ppl yet? I kinda want to but then again I don't want to. lol
  14. Yea, this isn't my first career. I'm leaving a 14yr career in higher education. I think I'll be ok tho. What's TSS mean?
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