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  1. I have a proposal, it's a bit controversial, but it could work A deep-level/above-ground subway line The Rockaways and to Manhattan. It would make frequent stops in Queens but the rest of the time, the line would go super-express. Placeholder for line: Stops: ---Aboveground--- Beach 116th Street Beach 106th St Beach 98th St Beach 90th St Broad Channel Howard Beach - JFK Airport Aqueduct-Conduit Av Aqueduct Racetrack ---Branches off from and dips underground directly after--- Ozone Park-Pitkin Av ( at nearby Rockaway Blvd) 84th Street Euclid Av New Lots Av Pennsylvania Av East New York - Atlantic Av LIRR [LAST FREQUENT STOP IN BROOKLYN] Nostrand Av LIRR Jay Street-MetroTech World Trade Center
  2. If you're gonna leave criticism, at least make it constructive. Please don't be negative about it. Have a good day.
  3. What about a 7th ave line to bowling green? By reinstating the shuttle platform and adding another track, this could work paired with the proposed to Parkchester by running up to Harlem 148th St! Stops: Harlem - 148th St 145th St 135th St 125th St 116th St Central Park North - 110th St 96th St 86th St 79th St 72nd St 66th St - Lincoln Center 59th St - Columbus Circle 50th St Times Sq - 42nd St 34th St - Penn Station 28th St 23rd St 18th St 14th St Christopher St - Sheridan Sq Houston St Canal St Franklin St Chambers St Cortlandt St - WTC PATH Rector St Bowling Green
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. What about the 9th Ave Lower level. There is so much transit history in that area.
  5. I have an idea: The lower level at Port Authority. It would not be a fully fledged Transit Museum, it would be more of a tourist attraction.With a Lo-V consist on the track and few historical artifacts, it could end up as a bigger version of the Grand Central Transit Museum store.
  6. A lot of transit fans would be very unhappy about the Transit Museum
  7. I like this idea, but I would suggest bringing the 2 Av line up there as well with new tunnels connecting to the 63rd Street line
  8. Damn, that was good. I cant cant come back from that (Not sarcastic)
  9. So you're telling me, if you needed to get to Williamsburg, you would rather drive that take the train (Not meaning to be rude, just asking) Edit: I know it's a stupid question
  10. I think that the subway to Staten Island should not happen, not because the people there think a subway would bring crime to Staten Island, but because Staten Island would bring more crime to the subway lol
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