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  1. They said signals and switches are affected.
  2. Which tracks at DeKalb are affected? Otherwise: : unaffected (to an extent) : suspended. : Suspended for the rest of the weekend. Reduced weekday service for the weekdays affected, running express between 34 St - Canal St. : for the rest of the weekend, will operate Essex St - 205 St via CPW & 8 Av Lcl and Atlantic - Coney Island. For the weekdays affected, will operate 205 St - 2 Av via 8 Av Lcl. : service will be suspended for the duration of the weekend. Weekday service operates Jamaica Center - Delancey St. : trains are rerouted to Euclid Av via 8 Av Lcl & Fulton St Lcl for duration of the weekend. Weekday service operates in a 60-40 service, with 60% of the TPH operating via Crosstown, and 40% via 6 Av Lcl, running via Cranberry Tubes. : service increased and extended to Coney Island for the rest of the weekend. Suspended for the weekdays affected. : service will operate at a slightly increased frequency & normal weekday routing for the rest of the weekend. Increased service during the weekdays affected. : reduced to a shuttle between Coney Island and 59 St. : Express via Tunnel. Service will be reduced, and most trains heading into Manhattan will short turn at Prospect Park or Broad St. : normal service. : for the weekdays affected, extended to Coney Island via 4 Av Exp & West End. Service will be reduced to accommodate for service in Montague.
  3. That isnt what I said, I said splitting the northern terminals (i.e. trains run CI-96 St or CI-71 Av). Obviously there isnt a 3 way switch. To an extent? Iirc and would have to switch around each other at Briarwood - Kew Gardens, no? Let me know if I'm wrong on that front.
  4. Pretty good, just have a few questions. Why terminate the at 96 when you can terminate at 42, which would be easier to turn trains at, compared to ending it at 96 where it's in the way of the and ? You should do a split service thing with the and , so Bushwick and Williamsburg keep service to Midtown and Queens while also providing service to Lower Manhattan & South Brooklyn. The cant be the sole local for QBL. Could the have split service between 96 St and Forest Hills? I like the idea with the , but Euclid is gonna be a mess with 3 services constantly switching in and out. Could the instead be a Rockaway Shuttle between Far Rockaway and B 116 St? Furthermore, can the and switch southern terminals? With the being the sole local for long stretches, it would be more logical to reduce its number of stops or at least its mileage. In this case, it would be smarter for a full time local to operate Lefferts-207. Riders from the Rockaway can transfer. Otherwise, great job!
  5. How much of a hassle would it be to get a SB buslane on Rockaway Parkway between Glenwood and Flatlands?
  6. B42: fat lie, as someone who previously lived in the area I promise you during the day theres always a decent amount of passangers, even more so during rush hours. Don't eliminate it. B60: again, no. The little stub served by the route before it ends is in the projects, and removing that section leaves them to walking a good distance for a bus or train. B103: interesting idea, but nah. Central Canarsie (by this I mean everything between Av K and Av N and between 105 St and 85 St) pretty much relies on B103 service east to west wise. Moving it further South basically f**ks majority of the riders as they now have to take another bus to the 103 or just change their ride altogether. B17: while more service to Spring Creek service can and should happen, your proposal is a no. Alternative idea for this: start some AM rush hour B17s at Freeport or Hornell Loop, and have it either/or: -Follow the B82 to Remsen then regular route OR -Had south to the Belt Pkwy and operate on it until Rockaway Parkway & follow B42 until Seaview then regular route (If the latter is used, that route will run via Av L & Rockaway Parkway station.)
  7. That's gonna be a mess unless they put up posters and such.
  8. Ok so new What If (this is not affected by COVID, so overnight service & pre-COVID ridership levels are still in effect) So Con-Edison decided they're gonna use new software to track electrical usage, and rebooted the system, leaving parts of the city without power for 40 minutes. This inadvertently causes the following to lose power (this is happening 4:40 AM-5:20 AM): -A OOS train exiting Jerome Av Yard (it was heading towards Woodlawn too, so the southbound and center tracks are both blocked) -an OOS train switching on the tracks leading to Concourse Yard @ Bedford Park Blvd -A northbound train on the switch between the Brighton NB track & the NB 6th Av track @ DeKalb Interlocking -An OOS train switching onto the express track south of 71 Av, blocking the Jamaica Yard track heading towards Manhattan -A OOS train leaving Church Av -A garbage train on the center track at Parkchester-E 177 St -An OOS train entering E 180 St station on the center track (essentially, the SB track and center track are both blocked) -An OOS train exiting Corona Yard and onto the center track at 111 St -2 OOS trains ( and )exiting Av X / CI complex, the first one onto the NB track at Av X, the second onto the SB track outside Bay 50 Street (essentially, all tracks leading to Coney Island on the and are blocked. -A train on the Manhattan bound track at New Lots Av () -An OOS train exiting the yard, switching onto the Canarsie bound track at E 105 St. -A work train outside Euclid Av switching onto the express track from the Pitkin Yard track. -And finally, 2 OOS trains exiting the 207 St Complex; an OOS train on the switch between the yard tracks and SB track outside Dyckman St, and a OOS train heading on the center track between 207 St and 215 St. Work trains can tow trains back into the yard, but because all the diesel work trains are in 36 St Yard, it will take at least 2 hours for them to get across the system. And a glitch at Con Edison stalled the system reboot until 1 PM that day. Reroute away, and try to provide as much service possible to the affected lines!
  9. There is still 2 Av service, but as I said, some (at best 1 or 2 TPH) will be rerouted to Forest Hills. Or if anything just send all to Forest Hills overnight and make 2 Av a shuttle service (bad idea but)
  10. I see it going something like this: : less TPH : normal & increased service. A limited number of trains (6 TPH) run between 148 St and Flatbush Av. Normal late night service. : service discontinued. : local in Brooklyn, to New Lots Av at all times. Some rush hour trains run current Woodlawn-Utica service. Late nights and weekends via local. TPH decreased by 20%. : rush hour Nereid-238 service cut, TPH increased to keep same levels on Lexington Av. Express in Brooklyn, Flatbush and Utica stay same terminals, but TPH is split between terminals at all times. Late nights 42 St-Dyre via Lexington Av Exp (Dyre Shuttle will also be in operation). Weekend Dyre-Bowling Green. : service reduced : service reduced 42 St: no changes : Rush hour Rockaway Park service discontinued. Late night service on this route now starts at 9:30 PM. trains stop at 155 St and 163 St rush hours and weekends. : service is discontinued. : service ends earlier but also increased during hours of operation by 50%. The 50% will terminate at 145 St, and during rush hours all trains will be rerouted to Bedford Park Blvd. To accommodate for yard access, the R68 will be part of the C train fleet, and some R179s currently at Concourse will stay there permanently and will operate out of Concourse. : slight service increase. 3 TPH will operate via CPW Lcl. : 30% service reduction, and late night service is cut. : service reduction, and service discontinued (again). Trains will now operate via the 53rd Street Tunnel at all times. : service is now run in 8 cars, but also service reduction. : slight service increase. : 30% service decrease. : late nights will now run Jamaica Center - Metropolitan Av via 53rd & QBL local with increased service during late nights. Trains now operate via the 63rd Street Tunnel. : Broadway local at all times. Service at normal (increase service and decreased service at the same time.) Some rush hour trains will run via Tunnel, 4th Av Local, or both depending on time of day. : increased by 50%. The 50% will operate Astoria-Dimtars - Brighton Beach via Brighton Exp, skipping 49 St. Normal late night service, with some late night service running to Forest Hills. : slightly increased service, now operating via 63rd Street Tunnel. Normal late night service. : discontinued. : discontinued. Franklin: converted to a bus route, B98, between Bedford-Nostrand and Prospect Park . The old ROW will be converted to a busway between Prospect Park and Park Place, but in the meantime, passangers ride for free at select bus stops. Rockaway: decreased service. train will return, operating Far Rockaway - Rockaway Park. In short, - service discontinued - Brooklyn local all times. - swapping river crossings to reduce deinterlining. - returns to Bedford Park (to maintain rush hour service) / fleet swap for yards. -Franklin converted into a bus route, and when funds are there, the ROW used by the current shuttle will be converted into a busway. (Side note, this isnt really a what if, more of a when its gonna happen, what's getting cut, and how badly are we gonna be screwed.)
  11. Well all we've heard is that its gonna happen. No other details. What's to say that the person who told us is just pulling our leg? What?
  12. Is there any update on those M99 / Bx99 talk or was that just all rumors?
  13. A natural disaster hits, which causes the following: -A landslide in the West Bronx and Upper Manhattan, crushing the line between Fordham Rd and 170 St (majority of the curve from Jerome to River has been destroyed as well, leaving enough space at 167 St for trains in 5 car sets to properly terminate and reverse) and the between Dyckman and 242 St. The portal to the 207 St Yard, alongside Dyckman and 207 St has also been partially destroyed, deemed unsafe for trains to stop in, but safe enough to operate through. -Grand Concourse throughout various sections of Tremont and Mt Eden (where a street tunnel passes under Grand Concourse) have collapsed, striking the between 182-183 Sts and 170 St. - The 125 St Valley has been completely demolished, causing a massive tidal wave striking parts of Astoria, Hunts Point, and the entirety of Randalls-Wards Island. The between 3 Av-138 St and E 149 St has become submurged, and the street below the between Broadway and 39 Av has become flooded, deeming it unsafe for trains to pass through. The stations underground in the 125 St Valley are safe enough to operate through, but not stop at. -the west side of Central Park and Morningside Park has been struck by a landslide, causing the street to cave in on the CPW Line between 86 St and 116 St, and on the Lenox Av line between 96 St and 110 St. (No stations on the Lenox Av Line were affected, just the tunnel connecting the line to the Bdwy-7th) -The wave in Upper Manhattan caused water levels in Flushing to rise, causing the to flood between Mets-Willets Point and Flushing-Main Street. To avoid power failure along the entire line, the power has been shut off along the westbound track between Main St and 74 St - Broadway. A landslide in Prospect Park has blocked the tracks at all nearby Prospect Park stations, which include: 15 St - Prospect Park Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza And finally, a landslide from Highland Park has blocked the portal at Wilson Av and Broadway Junction and destroyed Alabama Av In short: 242 St Yard, Jerome Av Yard, Concourse Yard are all blocked off The entire elevated train is destroyed because geography The and have been destroyed in Mt Eden, Highbridge, and Tremont sections of the Bronx and in the sections near the 125 St Valley and Randalls Island are destroyed / deemed unstable Lenox and CPW have been crushed by North Central Park (Lenox stations not affected) are all affected by Prospect Park landslide has been flooded towards the east; Corona Yard is unaffected Hell Gate Bridge is destroyed, alongside the Park Av elevated stretch & Park Av bridge portals are blocked & is cut off between Bdwy Junction / Alabama Av Reroute away guys! Try to provide as much service to areas unaffected. Bonus if you can figure out how to provide service to the ! Try to not overload a single trunk line, as essentially all trunk lines except the 4th Av Line & Queens Blvd Line are affected in some way.
  14. Ah, ok. I thought local bus Redesign was going into effect September? When did they confirm push back though (I'm guessing they pushed back because of COVID-19)
  15. Based on what I'm seeing for the express buses, Im guessing the BxM5 got scrapped?
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