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  1. Ohhh ok. Just saw it, that seems pretty useless ngl.
  2. Nope, sorry. Guessing it did a U around Sunset Park?
  3. Bit confused on what B70 loop stuff you're talking about, unless you mean that segment on 39 St where it curves off to serve the 36 St station then head on the regular route. B37 averages around 400-600 passengers a day in both directions, compared to the 63, which averages 2000 passengers on a weekday, with an increase in the summer because Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unless the 37 sees a sudden increase, its probably getting cut again. Side note: is Delancey St-Essex St ADA accessible so we can get rid of the most useless route in the city?
  4. So there's a possibility for Artics in SI? From the way it sounded I kinda doubt it happening ngl (at least in that area), unless a route that is on a much wider street in SI gets considered for articulation. Kinda suprised the S79 or an SI route on a wider street in the North Shore area wasnt considered first.
  5. Inwood is pretty screwed in terms of service huh. Why isnt the Bx7 running to replace all that slashed overnight service?
  6. I mean its not a really an issue, I'm just looking at this logically. If you have 2 routes less than 0.5 miles apart for their entire route, naturally something is getting axed or merged into another route. If its coverage v. frequency as you said, then naturally a route that covers the area that the 52 and 26 both cover already serves the community better suits the area. The only section where coverage is an issue east west wise is between Marcus Garvey and Saratoga south of Halsey & north of Fulton. This is why Access A Ride exists. The MTA can only build elevators so fast y'know.
  7. Less than 10% of the Bed Stuy population as of 2018 is above 65 years old. The same is said for the disabled population. Combined they make less than 20% of the entire Bed Stuy community, so im pretty sure most people can (and probably will) walk 3 short blocks (notice how I said blocks not avenues) for service. Rerouting service onto a nearby street that is within equal distance of Halsey and Gates can better serve the community. Would you rather 2 buses that run the same exact route just 5 blocks apart or one combined route that serves the middle ground between both routes that in worst case scenario the most displaced person walks 3 blocks or just takes the or instead.
  8. B57: probably not getting eliminated, i think the QT4 is just a B57 SBS. B52/B47: Im curious, why do you think the B47 will replace the B52 segment east of Broadway? The 46 and 47 run together on Broadway for a few blocks. If anything, they should send the B46 SBS via Gates to replace that segment. But agreed, either the 26 or 52 is getting eliminated, I just know it. B25: 50/50. It gets decent ridership now compared to 2010. But we never know so. B45/B65: They defintely are duplicates but idk if they should be cut. If anything, i think a reroute of their westbound terminals would suffice. Swap the B45 and B63 terminus to have a more smoother run in Downtown Brooklyn, and reroute the B65 via Court and Smith to Red Hook. B37/B63: Of the 2, probably the B37. Sure, Industry City is on a rise (if ridership there is wanted you could easily reroute the B35, B70, or B11 down 3 Av to serve that section) but otherwise the B37 doesnt have much going for it. B48/B49/B44/B43: Agreed 110%. The B44 isnt going anytime soon, but I think a B49 merger with the B43 or B48 (or take segments of both routes and merge all 3) would suffice. Either way, something is getting truncated or rerouted (or both). For the B43, I think the B15 should be rerouted on its NB segment to serve Throop Av instead of Lewis & the B43 should be truncated to Woodhull Hospital or Myrtle Av and Tompkins Av. B49 can be rerouted onto Ocean Av for its full segment or Bedford & have the B44 local take over the Rogers segment. If demand is needed a New York Av service can be created. We will just have to wait and see what they propose.
  9. Classson Av is a short walk away from Bedford Av & if anything most people can walk from their houses to the crosstown route they need. If it shouldnt be eliminated, then move its southbound portion to Grand & Washington to better serve the area. As for the 26 and 52, a service on Madison and Putnam that runs at the combined frequency of both services could replace them both. Its within a 3 block distance of Gates and Halsey, so riders from both still are served by their community. If demand for both routes are there then sure, keep them but reduce their frequencies & remove some stops that they both stop at. Make it like a skip stop service between the 2 of them. Otherwise, just combine them. Besides, didn't MTA say they didnt want 4 routes on a single street that terminate within the same area? Sure, they run on different streets but the same rules apply.
  10. Then provide a merger of the 52 and 26 to give some distance between routes. So many of them are blatant carbon copies of each other.
  11. wait, so MetroCards should be gone by 2022 right? I remember something like that being said. side note, are there plans to create more Brooklyn - Manhattan overnight service/make the B99 permanent?
  12. ah ok. i thought they had a code for it already.
  13. did anyone catch photos of that 2 train bus route?
  14. Do you think any subway lines will be cut post COVID-19 due to the lack of operators for a few months?
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