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  1. About 13 trains running on the A train temporarily and 11 train running on the C train temporarily so far.
  2. I have another question about R179 did they fix the broken one between train cars like the link bar on the 5 sets numbered on between 3288 and 3292 cars because I was just asking I also heard on the news I was just wondering if they fix it?
  3. About the R179 subway cars any updated not yet because they haven't return to service yet until further notice because it takes time to solve the problem to test the new modifications before is safe to go back to passenger as soon as possible.
  4. The old pin for the link bar R179 is missing so they have to order the new pin for R179 link bar and old spring is tear up so they have to order new spring to attach each other when the train turns left or right.
  5. I'm so sorry about that excusement I'm mean I believe everyone by the way but I was following the news I didn't mean to by the way.
  6. R160 is made from Alstom and Kawasaki and R179 is made from bombardier it looks similar each other.
  7. That's another good answer and especially during R179 dealing with issues I haven't seen how new modifications works, on R160 similar never had a problem but R142 is also made from bombardier that some mechanical had a problem too and R179 are made in Canada and assembled to new york plattsburgh and About the board announcements on the ceiling in the train it looks similar R142 white announcements board and R179 black announcements board I could tell the difference between each other.
  8. Well I haven't seen them R211 I'm so sorry about excusement R179 is split between 2 of them no one was hurt on the A train new modifications will test soon
  9. Hey stop telling false not you other people THE R211 will be delay they were supposed to deliver last month july is because of R179 dealing issues fix new modifications R179 will be back by the end of this month or September once there done dealing R179 issues then it will come next R211 which will Replace R46 subway transit and R44 on staten island railway.
  10. I don't know when because no date updated has not announced yet they will announced when I'll let you know if the R179 is returns back in the passenger service.
  11. R179 subway cars is going to take time to return in service.
  12. Is it some R179 are back in the yard because I only saw 2 of 4 cars set on the East New York yard. what about Pitkin yard and 207 street yard?
  13. 4 train runs local in Brooklyn to New Lots Av on overnights from 11pm to 6am usually when the 3 train ends at Brooklyn to New Lots Av from 11:30pm to 6am usually but for now the subway temporarily closed between 1am to 5am because of coronavirus and disinfect the subway trains until further notice the subway will return 24 hours as soon as possible at some point.
  14. Is also on the 4 line on New Lots Av line on overnights pass Utica Avenue and the 3 line on New Lots Av line during the day the 3 train during the day and the 4 train on overnights is assigned at New Lots Av yard.
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