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  1. Congrats to all .... so many fake news before about 70 people pass ..lol.. never believe rumors in transit until you have proof... 209 will last about 4 years ... that's why they changed their decision along with covid 19 to cancel upcoming exam ... Someone ask about class size it depends on as needed.. so dont believe fake news that they will run through the list in less than two years .... based on my experience for 18 years they usually go through about 40 to 50 in a year .... so have patience and start cleaning up your record if you are on the last half of list
  2. What I mean't is the upcoming test exam 0709 is cancelled we will be getting a refund soon .. got a call today ....
  3. Exam 0709 is cancelled expect a refund soon in the mail..... this is bad news for exam 8702....... because I got a feeling that they might extend exam 4700 another year ... 7 years on a list is INSANE.....
  4. According to DCAS .. exam 4700 is scheduled to terminate nov 12 .2020.... also 8702 is on file but no list established yet .....
  5. True another class went in but its still exam 4700... they are calling from
  6. Got news...... mabstoa ...operator going for drug test tomorrow .... therefore new class will start Monday Aug 3.... can't wait to hear what they did on TA ... list......
  7. Wow! Nothing out of my depot quite a few guys waiting on mabstoa list .... time will tell.... next week more info will be available......
  8. Heard a big class starting on July 20th guessing exam 4700 getting more luck.... anyone heard anything.. posted
  9. I believe we are going to have to wait even longer ....since there's gonna be a so called budget cut coming ..... damn shame .... been over 2 years .. lol...
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