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  1. Edit: as of this morning. 60 cars are in service. All are 12 car sets creating 5 total pairs. Seems that some of the cars have also been rearranged and mixed around into different portions of each set as they should
  2. The 35 foot is a company demo that has been touring around recently. Someone had a picture of this bus in Suffolk County which makes me presume that they got a demo of this as well. More than likely what New Flyer had at the moment. They will probably get a demo after evaluating Gillig and Proterras options. They should really test all three for a 3 month pilot or so. Run one Proterra, one Gillig and one New flyer, get the feedback and see what's preferred best. As for charging spaces, depots and hubs both would be great for charging.
  3. Another update, 6 car test train including 9101-9102 on the end failed Tuesday morning at divide on its way to Ronkonkoma and had to be towed back by 4210, a 12 car M7 deadhead. This placed all sets out of service temporarily for Tuesdays PM rush and Wednesdays AM rush. Three Sets have come back so far. Two 12 car sets and one 10 car set. A test train is also enroute to Ronkonkoma tonight once again. Previous tests have ran recently the past day or so including Hempstead and Far Rockaway I believe along with another Ronkonkoma trip.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNc0wNhH0MR/?igshid=13tigymfs0mx4https://instagram.com/stories/thenicebus/2548146976715463073?igshid=j7entg0cf8jz Nice recently got a demonstration from New Flyer on their Xcelsior Charge XE35. This is part of a study for future electric fleet options. Very exciting 😁 Edit: just got a reply from Nice that they will also be looking at the latest electric models from Proterra and Gillig
  5. Small update this morning. A pair was delivered to arch street from the factory overnight presumably. 9079-9080 has also entered service this morning.
  6. One part of this order that I don't know yet and am really interested in is, did they order the standard Advantage or did they go with the BRT styling ?
  7. It's a mix of both, some of them go on the rails via CSX to the Yonkers plant and Fresh Pond for delivery. Others go by truck to Yonkers and Fresh Pond
  8. LFS is a great performer but also the most expensive of all the CNG buses out there to purchase new. Haven't heard of many LFS CNG sales honeslty, unless I'm not looking hard enough ? As for New Flyer, something tells me that their contract with them went up and they didn't want to purchase anymore.
  9. Another update as of today. 9097-9098 has entered service as of a few days ago. Seems like everything is going out of order. 9015-9016 still at Arch Street. 9077-9084 probably going under final preparation for service entry. Saw a test train at Jamaica on Tuesday consisting of 9092-9091-9106-9105-9088-9087. This should prove that 9087-up are still in testing status. Anyone that knows of new arrivals, comment here, have heard that CSX is slipping and becoming forgetful/failing to pick up cars to deliver.
  10. Here's what I've seen so far. 9011-9012 finally went revenue on the West Hempstead line a few days ago in a 6 car set. 9013-9014 still testing. 9077 up to 9104 are on daily testing runs and should see service soon. A friend saw 9123-9124 running the test track at Yonkers and they have up to 9140 on Yonkers property. The building process seems to be going quite fast. 9105-up should be delivered soon probably. For some reason, 9085-9086 is in service as a leading/trailing pair on a 12 car set I believe. 9049-9050 still awaiting service entry. Everything else from 9077-9104 beside 9085-9086 as I've said is testing still. Also awaitng the return of 9015-9016 which has been at Arch Street shops for months reciveing mods I believe. Not sure exactly what's up with that specific pair as of now ?
  11. Hello all, seems that this thread had been inactive for now, new to transit forums, name is Jake, M9s are running once again since the return of weekday service, new cars that have entered service include 9047-9048, 9053-9054 9055-9056 9057-9058 and 9063-9064, as of now, two 12 car sets running and two 6 cars, 9009-9010 have also finally entered service, 9013-9014 is still on testing with 9011-9012. 9041-9042 came down the lower Montauk a few days ago for delivery, it's all mixed, 9043 up to 9052 (excluding 9047-9048) should be next as the rest of the 9050s, 9060s and 9070s are delivered and testing, 9080s should shortly follow.
  12. Hello, im new to the thread, name is Jake, in terms of the info on the DE/DMs, 503 obviously has been gone since the 2000 accdient destroying it completely, 507 suffered an electrical cabinet failure and was saved by being converted to DE30AC 423. 511 was in the rollover accdient about a year or two ago, according to a friend of mine, 511 has almost no chance of return, im told it is stripped of multiple parts and sits in Morris park to this day. So technically, 44 engines are running (43 original and 1 converted)

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