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  1. Yeah I hear you, its not easy at all. Its a hurry up and wait system. If you hear anything new about them resuming please let us all know on here. Thanks
  2. Its not looking good. Supposed rumors of furloughs. All areas of LIRR on a freeze. Guess they have enough engineers to hold them over? Its weird because it takes almost 2 years to become an engineer with all the training and process so how do they expect to fill in positions when people retire, potentially leave etc when everything is cancelled? What did they last say to you when they cancelled phase 2?
  3. Any info you can share about where you are with the training and the LIRR plan going forward with more phase one classes? Are they on hold? rescheduled? or are they still bring new people in for new phase one trainings? Thanks
  4. I had my open house October 2019. I was then invited to the signals and definitions overview in December and then had my signals and definitions test February 15th. 5 weeks to study. Passed the test and was then brought in for an interview in Jamaica on March 12th with Lucille and a road foreman. I emailed Lucille in April once I saw that they were resuming with a phase one class on April 29th and she said to keep an eye out because they hold phase one trainings several times a year. There was a couple people on this thread who started that phase one in April (thats how i knew it was resuming) class but had their interviews in late September early October so the rest of us are definitely behind in terms of order if that how they do things. I have not heard anything since but then also got confirmation that the Phase 2 for July was cancelled from someone I know who is an engineer. So they are on hold with trainings and hiring except for some admin/management jobs for now. Hope it opens up soon.
  5. So you have not had your signals and definitions test yet?

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