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  1. Anytime!, keep us updated on your processing
  2. Okay so your list number is how you scored out of EVERYONE on the whole list. each time there is a certification, more people are being hired. The reason that number keeps going down is because as people get eliminated or make it to school car, they certify and remove their name and number from the list. The date requested is the date that the AGENCY (mta ) requested the list to be certified to selected from the eligible list of CERTIFIED applicants . Just because a certification expires does not mean that you’ll be eliminated....it just means they will be re certifying again after they’ve processed who they’ve needed thus far . number of vacancies is a ROUNDABOUT of how many people they need for that specific certification and position by the certification expiration date
  3. @Ant1201 what’s your list number range
  4. Funny cause I call this number and put my info in and they just say “thank you for calling DCAS....” and give me a whole bunch of directives on other employment opportunities and whatnot.....I’ve used this before and never had a problem....I’ve been re certified every time so far so idk what the problem is
  5. That’s just the certification not the list as a whole
  6. @JUNwei is that for certain?
  7. Why are we moving so slow again 😞
  8. They have Not yet, prob once this class starts
  9. @Djf22what was your list # again
  10. I can second this I own a copy and it’s absolutely fantastic
  11. As long as you're in any can you're blessed! Plus the trash trains don't talk back like revenue. 🤣. Congrats and go play with the vacuum train or something
  12. The canvas letter is an email theyry send you with 2 phone calls (if you miss the first ) before you get called again for medical with them asking you if you still want the job (hence the name canvas) and with some more employment paperwork to fill out if you're still interested.
  13. There won't be a new one until they call more people
  14. Yes same here, congrats to everyone going in!

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