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  1. FYI Don't know how to word this, but I have kept an eye on the lists , and as of 12/24/2020 , it seems to me that more names have been requested and are subsequently on the certified list. Make sure your contact information is current ! I expect they should be contacting more people soon. I’m hyped.
  2. Can I get in on this too ? Thank you
  3. One of the 4 contacts provided in this thread replied back to my emails that I have sent seeking instructions on how I may proceed.
  4. Maybe someone could clarify further as I’m on the list but no outstanding certification.. afaik , outstanding cert is that you are on the certified list, ie called in for preemployment. When it expires , I believe you are taken off the list, so you will have to call or email to get back on the list when that happens. My reference.. I was on outstanding cert, had an issue at preemployment, was removed from list, and had to email and call to get back on the list after resolving my issue.. I’m now waiting for call or email. I currently do not have an outstanding certification. My list number is in the low 1100’s.
  5. FYI they may take up to about a week to reply.
  6. Also anyone who needs to be number reinstated on the list, you may do so by sending an email to LMACustomerService@dcas.nyc.gov Provide them the following: Name , Social , list number , exam number and exam title. They may also need a statement in regards to whatever issue that took your number off the list, and affirm that all is well... ie: in my case, a license issue, I affirmed that my license is good and all issues resolved.
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