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  1. They cleaned it up but didn't bother with any missing tiles or pieces of the ceiling. Maybe they were out of materials? I'm not sure why they would keep the job incomplete.
  2. It's not the end of the world IMO, R32s are already out so I think that the R46s can hold on a little longer. Q1 2021 is starting in just a month as well.
  3. Love the Rockaway connection. With an RBB the would be completely relieved of its biggest problem, as it would have just one north and south terminal. I guess another line could use the tunnel with the to be a Fulton Local. Maybe splitting at Court St?
  4. I thought they purposely did it, to end the R32s faster, also there was no hope of them ever running on the Broadway line.
  5. 23rd St is a little too far south and would be in an area well served already by the so I prefer 50th Street/86th Street.
  6. Northern Blvd would best be served by a 34th Street crosstown line (if that proves to be impossible then 86th or 50th Streets would be good as well) from New Jersey to Clearview Expy. It would be two tracks east from New Jersey then 3 tracks at 39th St/Sunnyside.
  7. Is there any supposed time frame for the R211 delivery? I presume 2021 but they might just be waiting for the pandemic to die down.
  8. Would the southern alignment be along Northern Blvd the whole way? It's more south than other proposed corridors
  9. 1000 pages! What is the reason for the Second Avenue Subway/Hudson Yards stations having such large mezzanines but such small platforms? IMO Archer Ave had the best balance and the bigger IRT stations.
  10. But you have the LIRR/Sunnyside Yards tracks that would be tons easier to work with, since you won't even cross QBL until the Northern Blvd station, you'll be staying south of it the whole time
  11. I have a loose plan for Second Avenue Subway service so I think I will just lay it out here. runs local from Fordham Plaza/3rd Ave to the main trunk. runs express from LGA on the Astoria Line, and replaces service to the main trunk using a new connection with the 60th street tunnel. (Y) runs on the Queens Bypass replacing service to Rosedale and the will be moved to Hillside Av, which will be extended. I am uncertain about this because now JFK loses direct connection to TSQ and PABT but it is much faster. So theoretically transfer time would be shorter. Southern end, it seems connections to Northern Brooklyn or Fulton Street will be best as DeKalb Ave is too stuffed up as it is. Adding a deinterlining solution does not help when it is just taken away However there needs to be a way to connect to Atlantic Ave. The sheer amount of connections there would near-eradicate the issue of SAS being isolated, along with the 51st street station.
  12. This would make sense for some massive 10-track Second System type proposal but the Dekalb Junction is an immediate issue.
  13. Love it! Routing is perfect, and I forgot how many blurbs/station details there were on old subway maps.
  14. Good points, I think the Jamaica light rail should run to Soundview and the cross-bronx line to Throgs Neck.

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