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  1. What if the MTA built the Worth St line today? Where would it go? Grand Avenue? Utica Avenue? Myrtle Ave-Central Ave to Howard beach?
  2. We need the or to run via Worth St & East Broadway, while the runs to Chambers St-WTC.
  3. The 42 St shuttle is officially 6 cars long which means that the MTA can test the new tech trains, which would be very interesting to witness.
  4. Build the Worth St line to Union Avenue. It can restore the South 4th St shell.
  5. This is a South 4th St Union Avenue bound K local train, the next and last stop is South 4 St Union Avenue.
  6. I wish the Chrystie St connection didn't exist and used the bellmouth's at Whitehall St as a replacement for the Ashland Place connection in order to get rid of the Nassau loop.
  7. Not sure if it has been discovered yet or if it even exists, but there is supposedly an abandoned tunnel or station under Fresh Pond Road and Myrtle Avenue.
  8. No hope for the useless Laguardia Airtrain which means that we can possibly extend the Astoria Line instead. Today is a great day.
  9. 3 to dyre av, 2 to 148, and 5 to wakefield is more like it.
  10. Why doesn't the MTA focus on de-interlining? This is a serious question.
  11. I still don't understand why there is no form of Nassau St service on the 4th Ave subway in 2021, it really boggles my mind. Sure, it may have carried air, but we'll need that extra capacity for an improved NYC Subway.
  12. I wouldn't remove the Z from the system just yet, I would make it run 4th avenue local with the northbound terminal being Chambers St and the southbound terminal being Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue via West End. It would be similar to the Nassau loop service pattern, but it wont ever touch the Manhattan Bridge ever again.

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