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  1. Hey everyone, I’ve been hearing that there’s a class being trained in zerega was wondering if it’s all TA or all OA. thanks
  2. Hey everyone! Has there been a update on a class this month? Has anyone got an email to go for the drug test then the next step. I heard there calling from 9604 are they mixing them into a class? thanks
  3. I was in the February 14th class, just wanted to know if anyone heard from HR for new classes. I put in my transfer for Staten Island and I was told that the only way my transfer will get accepted is when they start hiring new operators
  4. Hey everyone, any update on a new classes coming up. I know there was class on the 14th of February. Has anyone got emails to start the pre-empolyment? Thanks
  5. I hope so to!, I took my drug test Tuesday around 830a hope to hear something today or next week!
  6. Congrats! How long after your drug test did it take for them to email you for the medical? thanks
  7. I feel ya I did the same in March, I’m pretty sure what we emailed is all done just have to bring all our proof of IDs. Plus I think where doing the drug test. Then if you are clear on the drug test the next part will be the medical like hearing, eye etc. I’m pretty sure that will be another day
  8. Hey Young, I’m going to Livingston for my drug test tomorrow morning. The next step after that will be the medical right? I would be going a separate day for that? I’m in the 22** range thanks
  9. Awesome! How long did it take for them to contact after you sent in your documents?
  10. Ya me to haha I remember last time I sent In they got back to me right away. I sent to the email they provided but I also went to my old sent emails and the email was alittle different so I’m confused
  11. Hey after sending out your documents, did you get a conformation email saying they received it?
  12. Awesome! Let hope the process will go fast haha
  13. Hey everyone, just received an email yesterday to start the hiring process. I sent it in minutes after I received the email haha b/c I have saved my paperwork from the previous times haha. Im hearing a class may start next month. Has anyone heard anything? I’m in the 22**s
  14. Sorry for the late response, ya I was told that but I’ve also heard they where calling from the last 9604. There’s a few operators from that list in my Depot. I’ve been told so many things to do. I was told restore my name on 12/7/2020 and I did get a response saying there was no need to restore my name. So I forwarded that email to Ronald Saint Jean which he told me that they pushed it back to today 12/21/2020. So I’ve email DCAS again and got the same response saying no need to restore my name. I forwarded it to him today still waiting on a response. I’m just confused on why I have to restor
  15. I called about 2 weeks ago and was told there up 2400s I’ve been tossed around in circles talking to all different people at HR. I got in touch with Ronald saint jean and was told there waiting for the department of bus to schedule classes. I was told they where going to have a class on November 8th but limited spots where available
  16. Thank you Young I actually contacted her and Ronald but keep getting tossed around to all different people. But Ronald saint jean I heard is the top guy. He took my info but was told there waiting on new classes to be scheduled. Have you heard anything about new classes?
  17. Hey Everyone, any word on new scheduled classes? thanks
  18. Hey everyone did any one have a issue on being my passed up on the list I’m 22*** and still waiting to do the drug test. I was told there up to 24** on the list. Plus I heard there up to exam list 9100 and people already got there drug that are on that list thanks
  19. Hey everyone, anyone in the 22**s range get called for the drug test or medical? I’m in the 22** range and still need to do the drug test thanks
  20. Hey everyone anyone heard from Livingston that’s still in the pre-employment process? thanks
  21. Ya I hope soon, from what heard there might be a class on on the 11th of October. I hope we will be in that class
  22. Hey everyone, has any in the list #s 21** and higher get the call for the drug test yet. After I emailed my application they said they would notify me it has been about a week and half I haven’t heard from them thanks
  23. Good luck! Hopefully they will have classes in October. I’m an OA operator and they need operators badly. Im Trying to be TA so I could work in Staten Island

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