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  1. I did my drug test today. A lot of 8:00 am appointments didn’t even show. At 9am it was me and two other gentlemen. You must wear a mask at all times and security will send you up to the 5th floor then they check your temperature, you go speak to Kevin at the window nice guy and then you go to another window to hand in your identification license, social and birth certificate and go over any issues with your application you filled out online. Then your sent to LAB down the hall which Kevin will instruct and guide you. They call your name you have to remove everything in your pockets and go pee in a cup by yourself. You fill out some drug test forms and put your specimen in the cooler and your done. Kevin will explain how now you have to wait for another email or call for a medical which I don’t understand why everything couldn’t be done same day the place was empty lol. I was in and out less then an hour.
  2. Were you there long ? I have to go Friday at 9am. Did they ask you any interview questions or anything about your application ?
  3. Does anyone know how long after you start as a bus operator are you given vacation time and sick days ? And also how many of each ?
  4. I also did my application and submitted it last saturday and Hr also called me about incomplete paperwork. we went back and forth a couple of times but everything worked out. So today I got another email telling me to report to 180 Livingston for a Pre Interview on Friday July 31st I don't know what that means but they want me to bring my birth certificate, SS, and CDL. Does anyone know what would the process would be like ? My list number was 26**
  5. Hey does anyone know what is involved in the training process for those who already have a class b license with passenger endorsement. Are we trained separate from those with no CDL ?
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